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Record: ŠKODA produces 1.5 million engines and gearboxes in 2014

ŠKODA has constructed 1.5 million components (engines and gearboxes) during their Czech plants this year – some-more than ever before. So distant this year, 533,000 engines and 967,000 gearboxes have run off a prolongation lines in Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabí. The complicated components – 8 engines and 3 forms of gearbox in sum – are used in ŠKODA models as good as other brands within a Volkswagen Group.

“ŠKODA’s member expansion and prolongation is an critical post of a tellurian prolongation network,” says Frank Engel, Head of ŠKODA member manufacturing. “The record array of 1.5 million engines and transmissions constructed this year underlines a potency of this area and a high turn of imagination of a employees. As an critical partial of a ‘Center of Excellence’ in a Volkswagen Group, member prolongation will continue to enhance in line with a expansion plan of a Group and brand.”

Over new years, a manufacturer has been expanding a prolongation of engines and gearboxes step by step. “ŠKODA skeleton to enhance worldwide. We are prepared,” says Engel. In mid-2014, a code stretched prolongation in Mladá Boleslav, introducing new three-cylinder engines in a EA 211 array (1.0 MPI with 44 and 55 kW). From this engine family, ŠKODA also produces a 1.2-TSI and 1.4-TSI, as good as a 1.6 MPI-petrol engines in Mladá Boleslav. Since 2001 and 2009, a categorical ŠKODA plant has been producing a 1.2 HTP and 1.2 TSI-engines from a EA 111 series. At a commencement of May this year, ŠKODA constructed a third million 1.2 HTP engine.

Gearbox prolongation forms a pivotal partial of ŠKODA’s member manufacturing. The Vrchlabí plant constructed a 500,000th DQ 200 dual-clutch delivery in November. For about dual years, a complicated direct-shift has been using off a prolongation lines during a plant during a feet of a Giant Mountains, and is used in vehicles of a ŠKODA code as good as in models from Volkswagen, Seat and Audi. To promote DSG production, a Czech manufacturer invested around 210 million euros with a support of Volkswagen. ŠKODA additionally produces a MQ 200 and MQ/SQ 100 gearboxes in Mladá Boleslav.

Over a entrance years, ŠKODA skeleton to serve their imagination in engine engineering and production. An engine contrast and expansion centre was non-stop in early Sep this year in Mladá Boleslav. The manufacturer invested around 45 million euros into this plan alone with a support of Volkswagen, creation this now one of a largest investments of a private association in a Czech Republic.

ŠKODA AUTO is one of a longest determined manufacturers of engines and transmissions. It was 115 years ago in 1899 that a initial fathers Laurin and Klement built their initial motor-assisted bicycle. Single-cylinder engines with 1.25 or 1.75 hp powered a supposed Motocyclette.

A cornerstone of ŠKODA engines and transmissions is a in-house foundry and forge. This prolongation area distinguished a 50th anniversary in Mar this year.

Milestones in ŠKODA member prolongation for a Volkswagen Group:

• Production launch of a 1.0 MPI/37 kW (50 PS) engine

• Production launch of a 1.2 HTP (EA 111) engine in Mladá Boleslav

• Production launch of a 1.2 TSI (EA 111) engine in Mladá Boleslav

• Foundation mill laid for new engine contrast centre in Mladá Boleslav
• Production launch of a 1.2 TSI and 1.4 TSI (EA211) engines in Mladá Boleslav
• Production launch for a DQ 200 dual-clutch delivery in Vrchlabí

• Production launch of a 1.6 MPI (EA 211) engine in Mladá Boleslav
• ŠKODA produces a third million 1.2 HTP (EA 111) engine
• Production launch of a 1.0 MPI (EA 211) engine
• Opening of a new ŠKODA engine contrast centre in Mladá Boleslav
• ŠKODA Vrchlabí produces a das 500,000 DQ 200 dual-clutch transmission
• ŠKODA produces 1.5 million engines and gearboxes for a initial time in one year