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Reimold: "Zuffenhausen is a cradle of the sports cars."

Mr. Reimold, what does a launch of a initial electric sports automobile from Porsche meant for you? 

With a Taycan we open a new chapter. Porsche has deliberately motionless to furnish this new idol during a domicile in Zuffenhausen – heart and home of a brand. The Taycan is something really special: power, range, a innovative 800-volt technology for shortest charging times and a whole automobile judgment are unique. He is a racer sports car, during a same time suitable for bland use – a standard Porsche. More than 30,000 critical impending buyers from all over a universe have already purebred with Porsche – though carrying ever seen a car. That’s overwhelming. What happens here is good above what we could have expected. 

The Taycan is deliberate a many perfectionist plan that Porsche has ever tackled. In Zuffenhausen, a totally new plant was created. Porsche invested around one billion euros in this

Yes, given a Taycan is really critical to us. All we have to do is take a demeanour during a outrageous gait with that we are realizing a project: in Sep 2015, we presented a Mission E Study during a Frankfurt Motor Show. In November, a groundbreaking rite for a new physique emporium took place, in that we are already producing a physique of a stream 911. Six months after we started clearing a construction site for a new assembly. At a same time, a prolongation comforts for a Taycan were planned. Twelve months later, a initial prototypes and growth vehicles were combined in a commander center. This is all really sporty. 

The construction proviso during a Zuffenhausen site

The construction proviso during a Zuffenhausen site

The construction proviso during a Zuffenhausen site

The construction proviso during a Zuffenhausen site

What are a biggest challenges?

With a Taycan we are reinventing a primogenitor plant, formulating a bureau in a factory: we are integrating a totally new prolongation with new record and new processes – and this while a existent bureau is operative during full capacity. After all, we already furnish some-more vehicles than ever before in Zuffenhausen with 250 two-door sports cars a day. It’s like an open-heart medicine and has an impact on all a applicable areas: from a well-spoken regulating of a stream production, to a preparations for a Taycan’s start of production, and a refuge of inner residents’ interests. After all, a categorical plant borders on residential and blurb areas, is criss-crossed by countless roads and a railway line. All this requires worldly logistics and is a reason because we also furnish a Taycan over several fl oors and building complexes.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to make a Taycan in Porsche’s Leipzig plant? There is some-more giveaway space there than in Zuffenhausen.

Zuffenhausen is a cradle of a sports cars. The Taycan is a transparent joining to this normal location, that we lead into a destiny by securing existent jobs and even formulating new ones Through a staff agreement we have done a Taycan “our project”. In further to a good neighborhood, a preference of a Supervisory Board and corporate management, it also takes a support of employees for such a singular step. And they also financially support a plan by contributing one-quarter of their common income boost to a fund. This is singular in a automobile industry. In addition, we settle with a Taycan rarely innovative prolongation methods and make a step towards a bureau of a future. We call this Porsche Production 4.0 – smart, gaunt and green. Smart stands for flexible, networked production. Lean means obliged and fit use of resources. And immature refers to sustainability and environmental protection. After all, we also wish to constantly urge a environmental opening of a products. In a area of prolongation and logistics, we have reduced CO₂ emissions per made automobile by some-more than 75 percent given 2014.  

Goal so achieved?

No. Because we will furnish a Taycan CO₂-neutral in Zuffenhausen. And a prophesy is even some-more far-reaching: a prolongation where we leave no ecological footprint – in terms of a supply sequence and product lifecycle.

What is a disproportion between a prolongation of a quite electric and a conventionally powered sports automobile – are there any similarities?

It’s not that we simply use a battery instead of a tank or an electric expostulate instead of an inner explosion engine. And of course, it’s opposite to mountain a battery, an electric engine and a compared cooling in comparison to a combustor with a empty system. Nevertheless, a Taycan is a automobile whose physique also wants to be fabricated and painted. The public sequence is mostly a same. When traffic with high-voltage technology, however, new imagination is required, that is because we validate all a employees accordingly. After all, we wish to pledge for a Taycan a same high-quality standards that Porsche has always been famous for. In addition, it should be probable to separate a quite electrically powered sports cars // to a same border as it is a box currently with a stream models. Our business conclude a high grade of customization that Porsche offers. Everyone gets accurately a automobile they want. We build, if we like, singular pieces in series. That is also loyal of a Taycan.

There is no exemplary public line in a Taycan prolongation anymore.

Yes, we were means to totally redesign a Taycan prolongation from a beginning. This has a advantage that we are now substantiating rarely innovative prolongation standards in Zuffenhausen. We arrange a Taycan on a supposed Flexi-Line with driverless ride systems that pierce exclusively from hire to station. This not usually gives us new leisure in a prolongation plant, though also in a pattern of a new plant. The Flexi- Line offers outrageous advantages in terms of investment and flexibility. By dispensing with circuit belts that are resolutely integrated in a foundation, we save around 30 percent on investment costs. And though a firm public line we can cgange a prolongation during any time, confederate something new or expostulate a bypass to exercise special patron requests.

The Taycan prolongation also sets new standards in digitization.

That’s true, even if in tie with Industry 4.0 is mostly oral of a “revolution”. we do not consider so. Because currently we continue to rise what we have already combined in a past by automation, make-believe and practical product and prolongation planning. Digitization helps us, on a one hand, with a ergonomic pattern of a operative world. It also helps colleagues investigate formidable processes and workflows, and gives us transparency, for example, to check where and because a digital upsurge competence not be on a many ideal path. In this approach we are shown intensity that we differently competence not recognize.

Is that a predecessor to a bureau though staff?

No, a concentration is still on a people. That will not change. We automate to soothe a colleagues and assistance them in their work, though still rest on rarely learned professionals. For a perfectionist charge of putting high-quality, particular and absolute sports cars on a wheels, a multiple of regulating a latest technologies and a expertise of a specialists is indispensable.

No jobs are lost?

We have roughly doubled a workforce in only a few years – now to some-more than 33,000 employees. For a Taycan and Cross Turismo alone, we get an additional 1,500 colleagues on board. Electric mobility is a pursuit engine for Porsche.


Project milestones

September 2015
Fair premiere of a Porsche Mission E in Frankfurt (IAA)

November 2015
Ground-breaking rite for a new physique shop

Dezember 2015
Supervisory Board preference on mass prolongation of a four-door electric sports car

December 2015
Decision for a plcae Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Mid 2016
Site clearing

from Jul 2016
Planning of a prolongation comforts for a Taycan

February 2017
Excavation for a new public hall

May 2017
Production of a initial exam vehicles in a commander core Plant 2 Zuffenhausen (construction stage)

March 2018
Fair premiere of a Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo in Geneva

May 2018
Prototype prolongation in commander core Plant 2 in Zuffenhausen (first pre-production)

October 2018
Decision to mass-produce a Taycan Cross Turismo

December 2018
Construction of a initial vehicles in a new public (17.-21.12.2018)

January 2019
Start pre-production in a new assembly

September 2019
World premiere of a Porsche Taycan

September 2019
“Start of Production” and Taycan prolongation bureau opening