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Reithofer: Best year in corporate story + + Profit before taxation rises to € 7.38 billion + + Profit before financial outcome adult to € 8.01 billion + + Automotive shred EBIT climbs to € 7.47 billion ++ Record division of € 2.30 per share of common batch proposed

Record year for BMW Group in 2011

Reithofer: Best year in corporate history
Profit before taxation rises to € 7.38 billion
Profit before financial outcome adult to € 8.01 billion
Automotive shred EBIT climbs to € 7.47 billion
Record division of € 2.30 per share of common batch proposed

Munich. The BMW Group achieved sales volume, revenues and gain annals in 2011. Compared to a prior year, Group revenues increasing by 13.8% to € 68,821 million (2010: € 60,477 million). In gain terms, distinction before taxation (EBT) rose by 52.1% to € 7,383 million (2010: € 4,853 million), distinction before financial outcome (EBIT) by 56.9% to € 8,018 million (2010: € 5,111 million) and Group net distinction by 51.3% to € 4,907 million (2010: € 3,243 million). The sum series of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code cars delivered to business increasing by 14.2% to a new record figure of 1,668,982 units (2010: 1,461,166 units).

In perspective of this clever performance, a BMW Group intends to concede a shareholders to attend reasonably in a success of a BMW Group. The Board of Management and a Supervisory Board will introduce to shareholders during a Annual General Meeting on 16 May 2012 that a division be increasing to a new high turn of € 2.30 (2010: € 1.30) per share of common batch and € 2.32 (2010: € 1.32) per share of elite stock, homogeneous to a payout ratio of 30.7%.

“The past year has been a best year in a BMW Group’s corporate history. We have achieved new sales volume, revenues and gain highs, and exceeded a targets“, settled Norbert Reithofer, a Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG on Thursday in Munich.

Automotive shred EBIT domain adult to 11.8%
The Automotive shred also reported record sum for 2011. Revenues increasing by 16.8% to € 63,229 million (2010: € 54,137 million). EBIT jumped by 71.7% to € 7,477 million (2010: € 4,355 million) and a distinction before taxation by 75.5% to € 6,823 million (2010: € 3,887 million). The EBIT domain for a Automotive shred was therefore 11.8%, compared to a full-year EBIT domain of “over 10%” formerly foresee for a Automotive segment. The principal factors contributing to a poignant alleviation in shred gain were a pointy arise in sales volume on a one palm and softened cost structures on a other.

The BMW code set a new sales volume record in 2011, induction a 12.8% arise to 1,380,384 units (2010: 1,224,280 units). Sales of a BMW 3 Series remained high during 384,464 units (2010: 399,009 units; -3.6%) notwithstanding a indication change. The new BMW 3 Series Sedan has been accessible worldwide given 11 Feb 2012. Sales of a BMW 5 Series jumped 39.4% to 332,501 units (2010: 238,454 units), ensuring that it remained a marketplace personality in a segment. The BMW 6 Series, that saw a launches of a new Convertible in open 2011 and a new Coupé in autumn, increasing sales volume by 60.7% to 9,396 units (2010: 5,848 units).

The BMW 7 Series, a flagship of a BMW brand, continued to perform well, offered 68,774 units (2010: 65,814 units) in 2011, an boost of 4.5% over a prior year. The several models of a BMW X family also continue to suffer a high grade of popularity. Sales of a BMW X1 rose by 26.4% to 126,429 units (2010: 99,990 units), while a BMW X3 some-more than doubled sales volume to 117,944 units (2010: 46,004 units). Sales of a BMW X5 climbed by 2.6% to 104,827 units (2010: 102,178 units), permitting this rarely successful indication to keep a pretension as marketplace personality in a Sports Activity Vehicles reward segment.

The MINI code was also means to grasp a new sales volume high in 2011. In total, 285,060 units of a MINI (2010: 234,175 units) were sold, 21.7% some-more than in a prior year. The MINI Countryman achieved quite well, with sales adult some-more than sixfold to 89,036 units (2010: 14,337 units). The MINI Coupé was launched in Sep 2011 as a fifth indication in a MINI family and had accessible a sales volume of 3,799 units adult to a year end.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars continued to perform successfully in 2011, recording a best ever sales volume figure in a 107-year history, with 3,538 cars (2010: 2,711 units +30.5%) delivered to customers.

The BMW Group was means to boost sales volumes in roughly all markets in a past year. In Europe, a series of cars sole rose by 8.5% to 858,383 units. Sales in Germany grew by 6.8% to 285,257 units. Increases were also accessible for Great Britain (167,456 units; +8.2%), Italy (72,521 units; +4.9%) and France (70,442 units; +8.6%). Sales volume in North America rose by 14.4% to 341,345 units, including 306,349 units sole in a USA (+14.9%).

The BMW Group accessible poignant expansion in Asia in 2011, with sales volume in a shred flourishing by 31.1% to 375,452 units. Sales in China rose by 37.7% to 233,630 and in Japan by 9.2% to 47,663 units.

EBIT of € 45 million for Motorcycles shred in 2011
The Motorcycles shred achieved good notwithstanding steadfastly unlucky marketplace conditions. The series of motorcycles sole worldwide increasing in sum by 3.1% 113,572 units (2010: 110,113 units). BMW Motorrad was means to lift a sales volume in 2011 to a new record turn of 104,286 units (2010: 98, 047 units; +6.4%). Husqvarna’s sales opening was negatively impacted by a series of factors, generally a unlucky conditions for a off-road marketplace (9,286 units/ 2010: 12,066 units; -23.0%).

Segment revenues rose by 10.1% to € 1,436 million (2010: € 1,304 million) on a behind of sales volume growth. As a outcome of restructuring during Husqvarna, EBIT fell to € 45 million (2010: € 71 million) and distinction before taxation to € 41 million (2010: € 65 million).

Excellent opening by Financial Services segment
The Financial Services shred also put in a excellent opening in 2011, profiting from a rarely appealing product portfolio, enlightened refinancing conditions and an softened risk profile. Segment revenues increasing by 5.4% to € 17,510 million (2010: € 16,617 million). The distinction before taxation jumped by 47.4% to € 1,790 million (2010: € 1,214 million).
At 31 Dec 2011, a Financial Services shred was handling a portfolio of 3,592,093 franchise and credit financing contracts, 12.6% some-more than a year earlier. The series of new franchise and credit financing contracts sealed (1,196,610) was 10.5% adult on a prior year. The volume of new business was larger than in a preceding year, both for credit financing (+4.6%) and leasing (+25.0%).

The suit of new BMW Group vehicles financed or leased by a Financial Services shred was 41.1%, that was a diminution of 7.1 commission points compared to a prior year. The diminution is essentially due to a fact that a Chinese marketplace is enclosed in these sum for a initial time: a suit of financed or leased vehicles in China is significantly reduce than a normal for other automobile markets.

Sharp arise in workforce in 2011
The series of employees increasing significantly during a past year. At a finish of 2011, a worldwide workforce comprised 100,306 employees, an boost of 5.1% (31 Dec 2010: 95,453 employees). One of a reasons for a boost was a merger of ING Car Lease Group. In addition, learned workers were recruited to keep sideways of a high direct for BMW Group vehicles on a one palm and to press forward with a expansion of new technologies on a other.

Furthermore, some-more apprentices have been taken on to safeguard that a BMW Group’s mandate for learned staff during locations both in Germany and abroad can be covered. This series increasing by 2.7% over a march of a year to mount during 3,899 apprentices during 31 Dec 2011.

Reithofer: BMW Group skeleton serve expansion in 2012
The BMW Group forecasts that sales volumes will continue to rise definitely in a stream year generally due to a appealing indication range. “We design a past year’s record-breaking sales volume opening to be surpassed in 2012”, combined Reithofer.

Further information on a Group Financial Statements 2011 and a opinion for a stream year will be accessible during a Annual Accounts Press Conference to be hold on 13 Mar 2012 in Munich.

The BMW Group – an overview

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The BMW Group
With a 3 brands – BMW, MINI, Husqvarna Motorcycles and Rolls-Royce – a BMW Group is one of a world’s many successful reward manufacturers of cars and motorcycles. It operates internationally with 25 prolongation and public plants in 14 countries and a tellurian sales network with illustration in some-more than 140 countries.

During a financial year 2011, a BMW Group sole approximately 1.67 million cars and some-more than 113,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for 2011 was euro 7.38 billion on revenues amounting to euro 68.82 billion. At 31 Dec 2011, a BMW Group had a workforce of approximately 100,000 employees.

Long-term meditative and obliged movement have prolonged been a substructure of a BMW Group’s success. Striving for ecological and amicable sustainability along a whole value-added chain, holding full shortcoming for a products and giving an undeniable joining to preserving resources are primary objectives resolutely embedded in a corporate strategies. For these reasons, a BMW Group has been zone personality in a Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for a final 7 years.

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