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LAS VEGAS, Aug. 26, 2012 – Rhys Millen claimed nonetheless another feat in Formula DRIFT during a Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Round 6: After Dark. Millen, in a RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe, changed into third place in a altogether points standings heading into a final eventuality of a season.

A new lane pattern was combined to a eventuality during a Las Vegas Motor Speedway this year, while stormy conditions increasing a plea for drivers by an additional margin. The final competition pitted second place qualifier, Rhys Millen, uninformed off his sub-10 notation world-record-setting feat during Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, opposite a number-one qualifier, Frederic Aasbo in a Need for Speed / Hankook Scion tC. Millen’s Genesis Coupe used in Formula DRIFT is a same automobile he set a all-time universe record during Pikes Peak, only a few brief weeks ago.

On his lead run, Aasbo unsuccessful to say control and kissed a wall, giving Millen a advantage. With another feat in his sights, Millen confirmed a ideal line to take a victory, relocating him into third place altogether for a deteriorate and posing a critical plea to points leaders for a championship.

“It was an implausible feat for a whole organisation during RMR, for Hyundai, Pulse and Hankook. To come here from Pikes Peak in a same automobile in a opposite pattern and in a opposite pushing character and to do it behind to behind is a genuine reverence to a whole team” pronounced Rhys Millen, leader of Round 6: After Dark. “This is a loyal driver’s march that suits a automobile good and we were flawless all day long. Unfortunately, some of a competitors means us a integrate wins, though during a finish of a day we put a vigour on them to run low and fast.”

This year’s final competition promises to be intensely rival and hinges on a final compare of a season, Formula DRIFT Championship Round 7: Title Fight, on Oct 12-13 during Irwindale Speedway, a internal venue for Millen, Hyundai, and a RMR team.

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