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‘Rocky’s bull’s-eye: DTM Champion with Audi

“My aim this year is simple: Of march we wish to spin champion,” pronounced Mike Rockenfeller during a commencement of a season. The deficiency of a mischievous laugh that is typically found on his face showed that he was not uttering a old word though was dead-serious. And now, after 6 DTM years, he has indeed done it happen. Mike Rockenfeller from Audi Sport Team Phoenix hermetic a pretension one competition before a culmination during Hockenheim on Oct 20. Following triumphs in a Porsche Carrera Cup (2004) and in a FIA GT Championship (2005) and victories in a classical 24-hour races during Le Mans and Daytona (2010), this outlines a subsequent success in his career.

A warn Champion? Not really. Last year – his second one in a current-generation DTM automobile – in fourth place of a standings, he was a best Audi motorist and so finally assimilated a organisation of favorites for a title. In a stream season, he underpinned his Championship ambitions during an early stage. On winning spin dual during Brands Hatch (GB), a motorist of a yellow-green Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM prisoner a tip mark in a standings for a initial time and is a usually motorist who has scored points in all 9 races of a deteriorate so distant – coherence carrying been one of a keys to success.

Even when, for a change, Rockenfeller was not entertaining on a lectern – as he was as a runner-up during Lausitz and on clinching his ancestral feat during a DTM’s premiere during Moscow – he set exclamation outlines as a competition driver. At a Red Bull Ring, ‘Rocky’ battled his approach brazen from 13th to fourth place. The city travel competition during a Norisring he tackled from a final quarrel on a grid following a delivery change and in a finish took a crafty fifth place. On a soppy lane during a Nürburgring, Rockenfeller had to get out of a rival’s approach in spin one and as a outcome found himself using during a behind of a field. Thanks to a tactical pierce by his patrol during a authority post ‘Rocky’ recovered and saw a mottled dwindle in fourth place.  

Stay ease and loose even when all seems to be lost. Never remove your cool. Never give up. An unusually high simple speed, total with a healthy sip of courage and confidence that inspires a group even in formidable times – aside from his high turn of technical knowledge, crafty group suggestion and, naturally, copiousness of talent are a vital strengths of a new DTM Champion.

“Rocky not usually has a speed we need for titles in a DTM though drives in an impossibly crafty approach as well,” says Team Director Ernst Moser as he praises a level-headedness of his quick protégé. “Obviously, he’d adore to win each race. But, not slightest interjection to his resources of experience, Mike knows when it’s some-more advantageous not to force a emanate in a situation.” The ideal communication between Rockenfeller and a engineers of Audi Sport and Audi Sport Team Phoenix is another component of success that Moser has identified. “Rocky has a ability to yield really accurate descriptions of how a Audi RS 5 DTM performs in opposite lane sectors and so can fist a best out of a automobile together with a technical crew,” explains a group trainer and, this said, goes on to name one of Rockenfeller’s weaknesses. “Sometimes he goes overboard with his bent toward perfectionism and puts himself underneath shaken pressure. But whenever this happens his operative Jürgen Jungklaus quick brings him behind to reality.”

Mike Rockenfeller collected initial knowledge in a automobile during a proposal age of 8 when he was pushing a VW beetle around a drift of his grandparents’ farm. When, during a age of ten, he climbed into a kart for a initial time usually for fun he immediately realized: “Racing is my good passion.” Following 6 years in karting, Rockenfeller switched to Formula König and immediately done a crafty display on clinching a stick position and fourth place in a first-ever automobile competition in his life. Just a small later, Porsche cumulative a services of a budding talent that had usually come of age. Together with a Swabian marque ‘Rocky’ competed in a USA as good and grown a fondness for a nation and a normal competition marks such as Laguna Seca that has lasted to this day. Dec 2006 noted a commencement of a new section in Rockenfeller’s career. Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich sealed a German, so paving a approach for him to grasp a biggest successes his career.

“Mike’s not usually a quick competition motorist though a ideal fit for Audi outward a cockpit as well,” says Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. With his on-track performances – above all, obviously, his feat during Le Mans and now his DTM pretension – he has some-more than over all a hopes we’ve pinned on him. In all his years with Audi, Mike’s had to cope with a few setbacks, so that creates a fun about his pretension even greater. Everybody during Audi Sport is gay for him to have achieved this success.”

As a approach of balancing his violent daily life as a competition driver, Rockenfeller values a decelerating outcome of nation life. Rockenfeller, who grew adult in Neuwied in a state of Rhineland-Palatinate with both sets of grandparents being farmers, is now vital in Landschlacht on a Swiss seaside of Lake Constance with his partner Susanne. Enjoying a dish during a good restaurant, examination a film during a museum or simply lounging around all day wearing shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops – these are a ways in that he prefers to recharge his batteries for a subsequent races in a small bit of giveaway time he has. An sourroundings he is used to, a home – is critical to him. That is because he takes his ‘own 4 walls’ in a form of his motorhome to a lane whenever he can. There is usually one locate about it: He does not have a right driver’s permit that would concede him to pierce a vast vehicle. Finally removing this license, besides winning a DTM title, has been during a really tip of his bulletin for 2013. So his sights are now set on a subsequent aim.    

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