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Royal revisit to Audi Brussels

At a Audi Brussels training center, King Philippe of Belgium met with students who are undergoing training to turn plant and upkeep technicians during a Brussels plant. There are now 34 apprentices during Audi Brussels. The youth staff come from twin partner schools with that a vehicle manufacturer has been auxiliary given 2012. In a drudge training room, a King was shown a technical subjects that a students learn as partial of their twin training and what their career prospects are. The stately caller sought personal hit with a immature people, asked many questions and was tender by a imagination of a march participants.

For some time now, a King has been meddlesome in goal-oriented training for immature people in companies. In a past, a Belgian stately family had already instituted a investigate outing with preparation experts to a Federal Republic of Germany and Switzerland to find out about a advantages of twin vocational training. This afternoon, a conference will take place in a Royal Palace of Brussels underneath a clientele of His Majesty a King. The concentration will be on optimizing a formation of immature people into a labor market.

Audi Brussels was named as an appealing employer by a Top Employer Institute for a fourth time in duration final week. In particular, a youth staff module and duration formulation were wilful factors. Erik Prieels, General Director Human Resources: “When we motionless in 2012 to work some-more closely with twin partner schools on training, that was accurately a right decision. We not usually offer gifted immature people sound training in a complicated environment, though also a awaiting of an appealing pursuit once they have successfully finished their twin training.” The serve growth for destiny technicians used by Audi Brussels and a twin partner schools in Halle and Woluwé-Saint-Pierre is regarded as a ideal response to a ongoing necessity of learned workers.

Since a commencement of a twin training module during Audi Brussels roughly 7 years ago, all successful graduates have been offering jobs as plant technicians or upkeep technicians during a Brussels plant. During a bureau tour, King Philippe also met 4 former apprentices. Today, these learned employees work in automobile physique prolongation and automobile assembly.

His Majesty a King was tender by a mutation routine a bureau in Brussels has undergone given his final revisit in Mar 2016. In a construction duration of around twin and a half years, a plant was totally converted to an e-mobility bureau and prepared for a prolongation of a Audi e-tron electric SUV. In further to large-scale constructional and construction measures during a plant, there was also an complete gift process. Employees perceived some-more than 200,000 hours of training to learn a latest technologies compulsory to furnish an all-electric car. Patrick Danau, Plant Director during Audi Brussels, sums up: “We are really gratified about this revisit and a gesticulate of approval from a stately family. The seductiveness shown by His Majesty a King is certain approval of a good joining that a employees, a amicable partners and a Audi government have shown over a past several years in creation array prolongation of a Audi e-tron possible.”

Audi Brussels now employs approximately 3,500 people. Since a start of production, Audi Brussels has been producing a array chronicle of a Audi e-tron in CO2-neutral plant operation.