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Safety First for Automated Driving

This page enables we to download a “Safety First for Automated Driving” white paper.

An Important Note from FCA US on a “Safety First for Automated Driving” White Paper

Protecting a reserve of a business is a elemental and invariable pattern during FCA US. We trust that as automakers, suppliers and mobility companies rise programmed pushing technology, and as growth of Level 3 and Level 4 programmed car technologies continues to evolve, a transparent set of common discipline that are tested and corroborated by proven engineering methods will foster this objective. The “Safety First for Automated Driving White Paper” (“Paper”) serves as superintendence and a extended horizon for a starting indicate of programmed pushing record growth with a concentration on safety. It contains a outline of widely-known reserve by pattern and corroboration and validation methods of Level 3 and Level 4 programmed pushing as tangible by a SAE.

As a Paper provides, however, it does not settle a smallest or limit customary for any facet of programmed pushing record pattern or performance. Nor is it a final matter or customary for unconstrained car record growth or programmed driving. As such, a Paper does not simulate FCA US’ pattern specifications or protocols for a specific complement that is or could be introduced into a market. FCA US’ tangible programmed car record pattern specifications or protocols might change from a Paper’s content. Each association that contributed to a Paper privately pot a right to establish and occupy standards or processes best matched to a specific needs in a growth of programmed pushing technology.

FCA US’ motorist assistance technologies are dictated to yield preference and support to a motorist underneath certain circumstances, though always need several levels of motorist courtesy and involvement. No set of programmed technologies can make a car “accident free” or “collision-free” as these phrases are ordinarily understood. Instead, programmed car and modernized motorist support technologies should be designed to strengthen opposite irrational risk of accidents, and opposite irrational risk of genocide or injury.

FCA US also believes that users of programmed vehicles and modernized motorist support technologies have their possess responsibilities, including noticing that these systems are not a surrogate for protected pushing practices, and are not designed to scold musing or drifting driving. Users have ultimate shortcoming to follow trade laws, stay alert, equivocate distractions, expostulate safely, and always be prepared to take visual action.