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Saturday Night Fever: Audi motorist Robin Frijns claims initial DTM lectern during a floodlit debut

After a stormy qualifying, a competition took off on a damp racetrack. All 6 Audi drivers started on soppy tires and switched to slicks between a third and a sixth lap. After a pell-mell early theatre with dual brief reserve automobile phases, Robin Frijns launched his large show. One position during a time, a Dutchman fought his approach adult a field. With 6 laps to a flag, he overtook dual rivals during once on a outward and 3 corners before a finish even managed to brush past a Mercedes-Benz of Edoardo Mortara, who until afterwards had been using in second.

“That was a tough and formidable race,” pronounced Frijns, who has finished in a points 6 times so distant in his lass DTM deteriorate and is now a third-best Audi motorist in a points. “First there was a damp track, afterwards dual reserve automobile phases, surfaced off with a whole lot of chaos. we was gratified that a automobile stayed in one square and was ultra quick over a whole competition distance. That enabled me to pass all those cars and also squeeze second place in a final lap. A good day!”

Loïc Duval from Audi Sport Team Phoenix and Frijns’s teammate Nico Müller put in equally desirous charges by a margin and dull off a clever Audi outcome with positions 4 and five. In a final phase, Müller struggled with a inadequate DRS system, that partially non-stop a back wing independently. Duval achieved his best outcome of a season, notwithstanding being “spun” by a competitor. Scoring tenth place, Mike Rockenfeller also finished in a points.