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Save a Best for Last: a New Alfa Romeo Racing C38

February 18, 2019

, Turin, Italy

Last, though not least. At 8:30 a.m. (Central European Standard Time), accurately 30 mins before F1 cars took to a lane for a initial time in 2019, Alfa Romeo Racing presented a new Alfa Romeo Racing C38.

New name: The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team became Alfa Romeo Racing. Structure, tenure and government stay a same, a name changes. Nice.

New drivers: Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi. Iceman and Giovi. Thanks to Title Sponsor Alfa Romeo, one (Kimi) is pulling a Stelvio with a array 7, a other (Antonio) is pulling a Giulia with array 99, profitable loyalty to his progressing career.

New livery: Already a stunner in 2018, this clothing is even cooler and sexier, mixing a classical colors of a normal Sauber group – white and blue – with a iconic red symbolizing one of a many chronological brands in racing, Alfa Romeo.

New sponsors: Our Comms bureau was scarcely as bustling as Zurich airfield as press releases about new partners “departed” on an hourly basis.

New technical features: Team Principal Frédéric Vasseur and Technical Director Simone Resta don’t wish us to go into any detail, though let’s contend we used a winter months to get artistic rather than skiing in a Swiss Alps.

We trust that’s adequate sparkling news for one day, though it’s satisfactory to contend that a group behind Alfa Romeo Racing looks brazen to a new shot during proof their intensity and scoring large in 2019.
Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo Racing and CEO Sauber Motorsport AG:
“We are unapproachable to benefaction a Alfa Romeo Racing C38 – a automobile that is a outcome of a critical work of any of member of a team, during a bureau in Switzerland as good as during a track. The clothing brings out final year’s facilities in a stronger and some-more irritable way. We are unapproachable to arrangement a logos of a partners, who have assimilated us in a range of a enlargement of a blurb activities, on these cars. we would like to appreciate everybody who has worked towards formulating this automobile for their relentless unrestrained for a team’s goal and a sport, and we demeanour brazen to stability to make swell and quarrel for clever formula in a arriving championship.”
Simone Resta, Technical Director Alfa Romeo Racing:
“Since fasten a group final year, we have seen on-going expansion on all fronts and am unequivocally gratified to see a outcome of a tough work finished over a march of this winter, a 2019 Formula One contender, a new Alfa Romeo Racing C38. All departments have been collaborating good and a whole group has been pulling in a same direction. We have set desirous targets for this deteriorate that brings along a poignant change in regulations – especially from an aerodynamic indicate of view. We have a good motorist choice and demeanour brazen to conference their feedback in a subsequent dual weeks of contrast brazen of a initial Grand Prix in Melbourne.”
Kimi Räikkönen (car array 7):
“The automobile looks great. The clothing pattern is nice. A lot of partners have assimilated to support this group that is a positive, and we appreciate them for desiring in us. we demeanour brazen to removing on lane now and training some-more about a C38 during a subsequent dual weeks of testing.”
Antonio Giovinazzi (car array 99):
“I consider it is a pleasing automobile – a pattern of a clothing is great, unequivocally clean, and we like a colours a lot. It is my initial possess automobile in Formula One and it is something unequivocally special to me. We have many good sponsors who support us and we are unequivocally grateful for their certainty in a team. we unequivocally demeanour brazen to jumping into a C38 for a initial time this week.”

About Alfa Romeo Brand
Since a first in Milan, Italy, in 1910, Alfa Romeo has designed and crafted some of a many stylish and disdainful cars in automotive history. That tradition lives on currently as Alfa Romeo continues to take a singular and innovative proceed to conceptualizing automobiles.

In each Alfa Romeo, record and passion intersect to furnish a loyal work of art – each fact essential, each pattern a ideal peace between beauty and purpose, engineering and emotion. Fully reviving Alfa Romeo’s suggestion and maximizing a tellurian interest has been one of FCA’s priorities. Following a transparent and well-defined strategy, Alfa Romeo is essay a new section in a some-more than century-long story that represents an unusual event to comprehend a brand’s full potential. Today, Alfa Romeo is a loyal showcase of a Group’s best resources, talent and technological know-how. First with a Giulia, and some-more recently with a Stelvio, Alfa Romeo has combined dual models that constraint a pristine and strange suggestion of a code – that now tangible racer character. These models are covenant to Alfa Romeo’s La meccanica delle emozioni suggestion and quintessential examples of what people have come to pattern from this prestigious brand. Alfa Romeo is winning a hearts of a new era and retaking a legitimate position as one of a world’s many preferred reward brands. It is, once again, one of a heading black of Italian engineering and style, an idol of Italy’s technological value and artistic spirit. After some-more than 30 years of deficiency from Formula One, a code announced a lapse to a foe in 2018 as Title Sponsor of a Sauber F1 Team.
About Sauber Group of Companies
The Sauber Group of Companies is stoical of 3 entities – Sauber Motorsport AG, that operates a Formula One group – Sauber Engineering AG, that focuses on antecedent growth and addition production – and Sauber Aerodynamik AG, that conducts full- and model-scale contrast in a factory’s state-of-the-art breeze hovel and creates ground-breaking innovations in a margin of aerodynamics. The companies combine closely to request a imagination of over 450 dedicated people during a headquarter in Hinwil, Switzerland, to all inner and outmost projects.

Since a first in 1970, a passion for racing has been during a heart of Sauber. For over 45 years, a innovative Swiss association has been environment standards in a design, growth and construction of foe cars for several championship series, such as Formula One, DTM, and WEC. Following a possess Formula One entrance in 1993, Sauber Motorsport AG has determined one of a few normal and secretly hold teams in a sport. After 25 years of foe in Formula One, a association launched a long-term partnership with Title Sponsor Alfa Romeo in 2018 and enters a 2019 championship underneath a Team name Alfa Romeo Racing.