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Scania is a unapproachable partner of Nobel Prize Series

This week a Nobel Prize Series brings together Nobel Laureates, world-leading scientists, process makers and suspicion leaders in Singapore. The Nobel Prize Series Singapore is presented in partnership with Scania.

Scania has been a partner of Nobel Media for prior central Nobel events hold in São Paulo in 2013, and in Rio de Janeiro and New Delhi final year. “This is a fourth universe city in that Scania has been a unapproachable partner of general Nobel events,” says Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President during Scania. “As a globally active company, we share an seductiveness in a elemental issues that are lifted here and a significance of scholarship in moulding a future.”

Several thousand people, including 5 Nobel Laureates – Professor Ada Yonath (Chemistry, 2009), Sir Harold Walter Kroto (Chemistry, 1996), Sir James Mirrlees (Economic Sciences, 1996), Professor Stefan Hell (Chemistry, 2014) and Professor Wole Soyinka (Literature, 1986) – as good as a world’s tip open and business leaders, academics, educators, village stakeholders and students will intersect in Singapore for a Nobel Prize Series Singapore 2015 to plead a latest meditative that will impact a destiny of training and growth in a 21st century.

The Nobel Prize Series Singapore 2015 will underline a categorical discussion and an executive roundtable about “The Future of Learning”, open lectures incorporating dialogues with students, as good as a special exhibition.

The travelling muster The Nobel Prize – Ideas Changing a World will be displayed in Singapore until 24 Jan 2016. The muster tells how Nobel Prize-awarded work has made and continues to change a world. “Innovation also lies during a heart of Scania and we are desirous by ideas in invariably improving solutions for a customers,” says Erik Ljungberg.

The Nobel Prize Series Singapore is constructed by Nobel Media and a Nobel Museum in partnership with Nanyang Technological University The Nobel esteem array aim to kindle creation and artistic thinking, bringing together Nobel Laureates, other experts and lifelong learners. This singular programme combines conference, lectures, roundtables, an muster and other assembly spaces. By pity achievements and stories of Nobel Laureates with a tellurian audience, this central Nobel programme inspires rendezvous in science, novel and assent in line with Alfred Nobel’s vision.