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Scania to broach 156 city buses to Berlin


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Scania Citywide articulated busScania has perceived an sequence to yield 156 articulated buses to Berlin’s open ride provider, Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft (BVG). The buses are scheduled for smoothness between 2014 and 2017.

“This sequence is strategically critical for substantiating Scania in a German train market,” says Fredrik Dahlborg, Sales Director for Europe and Eurasia, Buses Coaches during Scania.

The smoothness to BVG includes 156 Scania Citywide articulated buses powered by Euro 6 engines and programmed gearboxes, as good as a tighten team-work for correct and upkeep needs. In fact, predicted upkeep costs and good fuel economy were a wilful factors that won a BVG sequence for Scania.

The BVG sequence is Scania’s second vital train agreement in Germany over a comparatively brief duration of time. In May 2013, ride user ADAC Postbus systematic some-more than 60 demonstrate buses for smoothness by early 2014. The infancy of these buses have already been put into operation in 30 vital German cities.

“This means we have strengthened the position in dual pivotal segments. We can supply solutions featuring the vehicles and use for city and demonstrate train services that are appealing to passengers, and safeguard high accessibility and low handling costs for the customers,” says Dahlborg.