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Scania to exam wirelessly charged city train for a initial time in Sweden


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The train will start handling on a streets of Södertälje, Sweden, in Jun 2016

Starting Jun 2016 a antecedent for a new Scania plug-in hybrid train (based on Scania Citywide Low Entry) will go into daily operation in Södertälje. Scania is endeavour finish investigate into several forms of foundation technologies that could reinstate or element explosion engines. Induction is among a options being investigated and would engage vehicles wirelessly recharging their batteries around electrified roads.

Now, for a initial time in Sweden, Scania and a Stockholm formed Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) devise to exam a record in real-life conditions. The plan will be run by their jointly operated Integrated Transport Laboratory investigate centre.

Swedish Energy Agency will yield 9.8 MSEK for a project’s realisation. Other stakeholders embody Södertälje Municipality, Stockholm County Council and Tom Tits, a tech-oriented museum for children and youths.

As partial of a margin tests, a Scania citybus with an electric hybrid powertrain will go into daily operation in Södertälje in Jun 2016. At one of a train stops there will be a charging hire where a car will be means to refill wirelessly from a highway aspect adequate appetite for a finish tour in only six-seven minutes.

“The categorical purpose of a margin exam is to weigh a record in real-life conditions,” says Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt, Head of Scania’s Hybrid System Development Department. “There is huge intensity in a switch from explosion engines to electrification. The margin exam in Södertälje is a initial step towards wholly electrified roads where electric vehicles take adult appetite from a highway surface.”

To build an infrastructure and modify train fleets to vehicles that run exclusively on electricity will yield many advantages for a city. With a swift of 2,000 buses, a city can save adult to 50 million litres of fuel any year. This means a fuel costs diminution by adult to 90 percent.

Apart from induction, Scania’s investigate and growth dialect is looking during opposite record options, including a take-up of appetite from beyond electrical wires or from rails.

“Our business have opposite needs and prerequisites when it comes to switching to some-more tolerable transport. Therefore we don’t wish concentration on only one technology. Instead we are stability investigate in opposite areas,” says says Nils-Gunnar Vågstedt.