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Scion: SCION to strike a streets in Canada Toyota Canada Inc. to hurl out childish lifestyle code in 2010

(TORONTO) – Make it yours. Express yourself with it. Tune it. Turn it up. Get it. Integrate it. SCION, a streetwise automotive code that forges a tighten fit between automobile and community, is entrance to Canada in 2010.

Young Canadians have been revelation us they wish SCION, and now their enterprise is within reach. SCION is an authentic brand, combined to filigree with childish tastes and sensibilities, and were vehement to enhance a participation in Canada with new vehicles that offer a singular mix of flexibility, personalization, affordability and fuel efficiency, pronounced Larry Hutchinson, Director of Toyota Canada Inc. The time is right to move SCION enlightenment to Canada.

SCION captivated new business to a Toyota family when a code was launched in a United States in 2003. SCION altered a squeeze knowledge by permitting visitors to browse, investigate, investigate or only learn SCION wholly during their possess gait by grassroots events and a highly-interactive and constantly elaborating web site. What visitors learn is a singular lineup of vehicles that are high in personal countenance – lifestyle products on wheels, offering as well-equipped models with outrageous opportunities for personalization by aftermarket-style strange apparatus accessories.

SCION is a singular brand, nonetheless still a member of a Toyota family so it advantages from a same high standards as a Toyota and Lexus lines, Mr. Hutchinson continued, observant that in a United States, about 70 per cent of SCION buyers are new to Toyota, and over fifty percent of SCION owners quit to a Toyota car as their needs and wants evolve. As such, SCION will be an critical entrance by that we strech new drivers those who paint a biggest destiny expansion of a marketplace and give them a event to experience, first-hand, Toyotas repute for quality, fuel efficiency, reserve and value.

SCION will come to Canada with 3 vehicles:

All SCION models are good versed with a full operation of features, from atmosphere conditioning and journey control to critical audio systems with SCION Sound Processing.

Upgrades and accessories can be combined to any SCION a la carte, and operation from singular wheels, change knobs and competition pedals to satellite radio systems and a extended preference of TRD (Toyota Racing Development) opening enhancements. Every SCIONs reserve complement now includes front dual-stage airbags, front chair mounted side airbags, front and back side screen airbags, three-point path and shoulder belts for all occupants.

SCION will be determined during name Toyota Dealer locations, regulating a store within a store model, and will be rolled out in phases. Watch for launches in Montral, Toronto and Vancouver in 2010. These will be followed by other Canadian civic centres. For some-more information on SCION, Canadians can revisit

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