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Season culmination in South Africa: Three BMW M6 GT3 to competition a 9 Hours of Kyalami.

Munich. The fifth competition on a fifth continent draws the
Intercontinental GT Challenge (IGTC) deteriorate to a tighten this weekend.
At a mythological lane in Kyalami (RSA), BMW Team Schnitzer is set
to competition with a BMW M6 GT3 and will send a internal hero, Sheldon van
der Linde (RSA), to do battle. With a second competition within a week,
BMW Team Schnitzer master a outrageous organisational challenge, that was
preceded by prolonged and formidable planning. In further to a group from
Freilassing, Walkenhorst Motorsport will also be competing in South
Africa. Henry Walkenhorst’s (GER) group will margin dual BMW M6 GT3 at
a IGTC deteriorate finale.

As via a whole season, a Walkenhorst
Motorsport group will competition with a #34 BMW M6 GT3 and a three
unchanging drivers Nick Catsburg (NED), Mikkel Jensen (DEN) and Christian
Krognes (NOR). In addition, a group will competition with another BMW M6
GT3. Michael Von Rooyen, Gennaro Bonafede (both RSA) and team
principal Henry Walkenhorst himself will take it in turns during a wheel
of a #36 BMW M6 GT3.

The cockpit of a #42 BMW M6 GT3 of BMW Team Schnitzer will be
common by Martin Tomczyk (GER), internal favourite Sheldon outpost der Linde, who
contested a DTM for BMW in 2019, and Augusto Farfus (BRA). The
nine-hour competition in South Africa will be Farfus’ and BMW Team
Schnitzer’s second competition within a matter of days. Just final weekend the
Brazilian was in movement in a #42 BMW M6 GT3 during a FIA GT World Cup
in Macau (CHN). There he took fourth place both in a subordinate race
on Saturday and in a categorical competition on Sunday.

BMW Team Schnitzer master outrageous logistical challenge.

The dual races within a matter of days poise an huge plea not
usually for a Brazilian. BMW Team Schnitzer has achieved a
logistical debate de force with a organization of a dual race
appearances, that was preceded by formidable planning.

At a FIA GT World Cup in Macau final weekend, a same BMW M6
GT3 that contested a ninth turn of a VLN Endurance Championship
Nürburgring (GER) was in action. The group usually had a week to modify
a BMW M6 GT3 after a coming in a Eifel region, request foils
and broach a automobile to Luxembourg. From there, a GT3 automobile was
ecstatic to Macau by aeroplane. Tools, gangling tools and other
apparatus were ecstatic from Europe to Asia by sea during a same time.

A sum of 9 group members from a Schnitzer organization were on
avocation in Macau. While 3 of them remained there to bucket the
containers, a others trafficked to Johannesburg (RSA), around 11,000
kilometres away, on Monday morning. After about 14 hours in a air,
they were perceived by 7 other BMW Team Schnitzer employees in
Kyalami, who had trafficked to Kyalami a prior week to ready the
automobile and a apparatus for a IGTC competition weekend. The BMW M6 GT3 that
contested a 10 Hours of Suzuka (JPN) will also take on this race.

BMW Team Schnitzer started formulation for a competition weekend during the
start of a year. They not usually had to cruise a availabilities of
a cars and organization of a freight, yet also a greater
crew bid compulsory by an continuation race. More array stops and
some-more tyres meant a need for some-more crew than final weekend in Macau.
On tip of this are a special conditions during a lane during each IGTC location.

BMW and South Africa: a special relationship.

After interlude off on 4 continents, in Bathurst (AUS), Laguna Seca
(USA), Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) and Suzuka, already this year, a IGTC
is violation new belligerent in Kyalami. The array is hosting a first
ever competition on a African continent. It gets underway on Saturday,
23rd November during 12:00 (CET).

BMW has a special attribute with a former Formula 1 track.
In a final Formula 1 competition of a 1983 season, Nelson Piquet (BRA)
clinched a universe championship pretension on a lane in a range of
Gauteng. This was also a initial Formula 1 pretension for BMW and a first
for a automobile with turbo drive.

And it’s not usually in motorsport that BMW enjoys a close
attribute with South Africa. The plant in Rosslyn, located only
around 60 kilometres divided from Kyalami, was in 1973 a initial plant
that a BMW Group determined outward Germany. Over 35 years and five
generations, some-more than a million units of BMW 3 Series have been
constructed here. After a vital investment a plant has been upgraded to
produce  a BMW X3 from 2018.  BMW South Africa employs some-more than
40,000 employees directly and indirectly, and is one of a country’s
heading exporters of cars.

Sheldon outpost der Linde (#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“I’m full of high expectations brazen of Kyalami. For a initial time
in my career, we will competition a competition in front of my home crowd. This
creates me even some-more encouraged to put in a good performance. We have a
unequivocally good package for a race, and we consider a lane is matched to
a car. we used to live nearby a track. Since we will be staying with
my relatives for a competition weekend, we will be waking adult in my possess bed and
pushing to a lane before a competition for a initial time given we was
concerned in karting. That feels unequivocally special to me. Just recently, I
gathering on a lane during a BMW M Festival in South Africa in a DTM
competition taxi, and we finished exam drives here a few years ago. However,
I’m not awaiting this to give me a good advantage compared with
other drivers who have never driven here before. For me, a racetrack
is one of a best in a world. The aspect and a blueprint are new,
and a surrounding area on a hinterland of Johannesburg is unique.
From my perspective, there is no improved place to reason a season
culmination of a IGTC.”

Augusto Farfus (#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer):

“After a competition in Macau, this will be a second eventuality within a week
for me and a whole BMW Team Schnitzer. Naturally, this is a major
plea for us all. The marks and a approaches in a dual races
are totally different. Macau was a scurry race, that was all about
going on a attack. Whereas Kyalami will be an continuation race. On the
other hand, it unequivocally has advantages contesting a competition with the
same automobile and a same tyres dual weekends in a row. In Kyalami, we are
all violation new belligerent and are starting during a identical level. It’s been
a prolonged time given we was final in South Africa, yet we usually have good
memories of a nation and we am unequivocally looking brazen to it. we think
that we had a clever package, recently in Suzuka and via the
whole season, yet as nonetheless have not been rewarded with a mark on the
podium. So, we wish that we will make adult for this during a deteriorate finale
and finish a year on a high.”

Nick Catsburg (#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport):

“We haven’t competed in Kyalami yet, so it’s utterly formidable to make
a prediction. Personally, we have never been to South Africa before. So
it’s an eventuality with copiousness of firsts. we have listened that a tyre wear
is meant to be unequivocally low there, that we consider should fit us. We have
been unequivocally rival via a deteriorate and we wish that this will
also be a box in Kyalami and that we will be means to be adult there
battling for a podium. Even yet we were a small detrimental in part,
we unequivocally enjoyed a initial deteriorate in a IGTC. The marks and
locations where we have raced have been unequivocally special. And being given
a payoff of representing a Walkenhorst Motorsport group was a
good experience. Now, we am anticipating for a certain finish to a season.”