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SEAT and a Catalan Government pointer an agreement to incentive vocational training


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• Both parties will jointly combine on modernizing a theme matter of the
  automobile attention trades
• Company employees’ work knowledge and non-regulated training will be recognised
  as partial of a Vocational Training programme

The Department of Education of a Catalan Government and SEAT have sealed a four-year prolongation to their agreement to commence to raise veteran training in Catalonia by modernising and bettering it to a new hurdles of a work market, with a concentration on a needs of a automotive sector. The partnership has been sealed during a company’s domicile by SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros and a ubiquitous executive of Initial Vocational Training and Special Education Systems Melcior Arcarons.

This new agreement will also capacitate SEAT employees’ work experience, non-regulated training and in-company continual training to be recognized as educational units of initial vocational training. In addition, both parties will minister to a gain and organization of training curricula of a automobile zone trades, and during a same time SEAT will combine in training a training staff of a Generalitat.

Melcior Arcarons underscored a categorical aspects of this agreement in foster of a peculiarity and value of veteran training: “The designed measures minister to deploying a 3 vital lines of movement to urge vocational training in Catalonia: refurbish a curricular calm of qualifications, raise coherence and accessibility to training programmes and extend twin vocational training”, explained Arcarons. “This 4 year renovation to a partnership agreement with SEAT, a largest industrial association in Catalonia, with a comprehensive, sustained, critical joining to veteran training, is acknowledgment of this strategy”, he added.

Furthermore, SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros stressed “SEAT’s joining to training activities that raise a skills and redeployment of a professionals in a zone and of a immature people who find to specialise in this veteran sector. The automobile attention is undergoing changes that will totally renovate a activity; therefore it is essential that workers are prepared to respond to these hurdles and a new final of attention 4.0”.

The SEAT Apprentice School, a long-term joining

SEAT’s Apprentice School is a training benchmark in Spain, and some-more than 2,600 students have upheld by a doors in a scarcely 60 years of existence. Since 2012 a propagandize has been implementing a country’s pioneering Dual Vocational Training system, that is desirous by a German model. SEAT’s educational complement facilities some-more than twice as many hours of unsentimental work, speculation and stability preparation than other identical initiatives, and a vast volume of applications a propagandize receives each year attests to it success.