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SEAT improves formula for a third year running

SEAT continues on a highway to improvement. During a misfortune year of a crisis, in 2012 SEAT invested as never before over a past 20 years to connect a future, earmarking 652 million euros between investments and expenditures in RD − roughly 100 million euros some-more than a prior financial year. This estimable value and a slight boost in workforce did not stop a Spanish automobile multinational from improving a outcome after taxation by 51% contra 2011, achieving a final figure of -30 million euros.

This critical miracle was achieved interjection to a company’s core business, as it can be seen in a handling account, that SEAT softened by roughly 100 million euros. 2012 finished with an handling outcome of -134 million euros, compared to a -232 million of a prior year, a 42% improvement*.

“Last year was some-more perfectionist than it had been envisaged, with a estimable dump in direct for vehicles in Southern Europe. But we have managed to say a trend of a past 3 years” highlighted SEAT’s President James Muir during a Press Conference on 2012 results. Since 2009, a association has managed to cut by twin thirds a initial handling waste of -391 million euros.

Holger Kintscher, Vice-President for Finance and Organization, underscored that “in 2012 SEAT showed a ability to beget aloft income, optimize costs and boost cash-flow. There is a intelligible trend towards profitability”.

More products, and some-more international

The product descent and a larger boost to internationalization, in further to a initial full year of Audi Q3 production, were a categorical vectors of expansion for SEAT in 2012. This translated into a expansion in income of some-more than 1 billion euros, attack a sum of 6.1 billion euros (21% adult on a prior financial year).

The association increasing a volume of vehicles exported from 79 to 83%, and is now benefaction in 77 countries. Even so, this alleviation was not sufficient to recompense for a fall-off in automotive zone sales volumes in Southern Europe (-16%), translating into a figure of 321,000 final deliveries of SEAT vehicles in 2012 (8.3% down). All in all, SEAT posted glorious formula in countries like Germany, that for a initial time ever became SEAT’s series one market, and where a Spanish code grew 22.5%, given registrations in a nation fell by roughly 3%.

SEAT also increasing a expansion outward Europe. Its attainment in China, joined with a relaunching of a code in Russia, combined to a glorious formula performed in Mexico (+16.6%), North Africa and a Middle East. SEAT quadrupled a deliveries in Algeria, and increasing them by 43% in Israel. In 2012 SEAT grew 46% outward Europe and roughly 18% of a sales (7 points adult on a prior financial year) were finished over a continent.

SEAT delivered on a commitments, and successfully achieved an rare one launch per quarter. To a good accepting given a Mii family (3-door and 5-door) should be combined a new chronicle of a Ibiza, Spain’s best-selling and most-exported automobile in a history. The vital outcome of a new Toledo will be seen this year. And a launch of a new Leon distills a hint of a destiny of SEAT – technology, peculiarity and design.

The new Leon is a initial automobile to exaggerate a new SEAT logo, launched during a Paris Motor Show in Sep final year, and that puts a finishing hold to a mutation of a Spanish brand.

Leading a approach in training and practice

Thanks to a possess new launches, and a initial finish year building a Audi Q3, SEAT increasing prolongation during Martorell – a categorical prolongation trickery − by 7%, with 377,000 units rolling off a public lines. This Barcelona plant, that has usually distinguished a 20th anniversary, is a benchmark trickery for a Volkswagen Group due to a coherence and productivity.

In further to progressing a position as one of Spain’s largest employers, providing roughly 11,500 jobs (71 some-more than in 2011), and 14,000 if a whole organisation is taken into account, SEAT was a colonize in a doing of a twin vocational training (VT) complement during a Apprentices School. Based on a German training model, it combines fanciful training with unsentimental work, increases a series of hours and provides all students with remuneration. SEAT invests approximately 13 million euros per annum in training.

Strong in a large-volume shred

In 2013 SEAT’s product operation continues expanding around a Leon family. In rebate than twin months a Leon SC will strech dealerships. The model, denounced during a Geneva Motor Show twin weeks ago, will see an estate chronicle launched before year’s end.

Both versions will be pivotal in improving SEAT sales, given they will enlarge a company’s coverage in a A segment, a many renouned in Europe, and where a Toledo is also positioned. The Ibiza family, also with a 3 bodystyles, already enables SEAT to contest in a A0 segment, a second many important.

Summing up, SEAT President James Muir said, “We have finished a homework. Our product operation is now both plain and sustainable, given some-more than 40% of a cars we sell all over a universe has CO2 glimmer levels next 120 grams. Now we have to work so as to interpret all this intensity into discernible business success”.

At a commencement of 2013 a association had already begun to reap a rewards of a launches of a new Mii, Ibiza, Toledo and Leon. In Jan and February, world-wide deliveries increasing by 14%.

*SEAT prepares a financial statements in correspondence with a Spanish General Accounting Plan, not including auxiliary companies. Volkswagen practical International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS), and consolidates a SEAT code figures.

SEAT is a usually association in a zone with a full-range ability to design, develop, make and marketplace cars in Spain. A member of a Volkswagen Group, a multinational has a domicile in Martorell (Barcelona), exports 83% of a vehicles, and is benefaction in 77 countries. In 2012 SEAT had a sum turnover of some-more than 6 billion euros, with altogether deliveries amounting to 321,000 units.

SEAT Group employs 14,000 professionals during a 3 prolongation centres in Barcelona – Zona Franca, El Prat de Llobregat and Martorell, where it manufactures a rarely successful Ibiza and Leon, among other models. Additionally, a association produces a Alhambra in Palmela (Portugal), a Mii in Bratislava (Slovakia) and a Toledo in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic) during Volkswagen Group plants.

The Spanish multinational also has a Technical Center, a ‘knowledge hub’, bringing together some-more than 900 engineers whose idea is to be a pushing force behind creation for a series one industrial financier in RD in Spain. In line with a announced joining to environmental protection, SEAT undertakes and bases a core activity on sustainability, namely rebate of CO2 emissions, appetite efficiency, as good as recycling and re-use of resources.