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SEAT is a initial carmaker to accept a Top Employers Espana certification

SEAT is a initial carmaker to accept a Top Employers España certification. SEAT has perceived a Top Employers España 2015 certification, that confirms that it is one of a country’s best companies to work for. This approval singles out a association as a initial and usually carmaker in Spain that is entitled to use this pretension and Certification Seal. SEAT was awarded a acceptance after attaining a standards compulsory in an in-depth investigate consult conducted by a Top Employers Institute, a association that given 1991 has been globally certifying value in a conditions that employers emanate for their people.

More specifically, a HR Best Practices Survey totalled a company’s worker conditions by responding questions on 9 opposite topics: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, On-boarding, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits, Career and Succession Management, Leadership Development and Culture. The consult dynamic that SEAT offers an superb tellurian resources environment, with a certain comment in any of a topics, and emphasised a company’s career growth and talent recruitment and influence programs.

“SEAT does not usually aspire to beget employment, as we did in 2014 by employing some-more than 800 new workers. We aim to emanate an sourroundings that is gainful to personal and veteran development. The Top Employers España 2015 acceptance reaffirms that SEAT’s joining to full-time peculiarity practice is still going clever today”, positive Josef Schelchshorn, SEAT Executive Vice-President for Human Resources.

The SEAT workforce includes 14,000 professionals. To encourage their development, a association facilities a extended operation of training programs in technical skills, denunciation and leadership, among others, as good other initiatives such as general knowledge and personalized career growth programs. The association invests an normal of 14 million euros a year in training. In 2014, SEAT offering a workers over 304,000 training hours. In addition, SEAT is a colonize in a doing of twin vocational training, that offers apprentices an middle training march total with work knowledge in a company. The initial 45 apprentices graduated in 2014 and assimilated a workforce with an open-ended contract.

One of SEAT’s tip priorities is to yield a protected operative environment. This is a design of a SEAT Group Occupational Risk Prevention Policy, that was renewed in 2014 with a accord of association government and trade kinship representatives. The process states a SEAT Group’s joining to safety, health, potency and compensation as good as a continual alleviation of reserve and occupational health conditions. To grasp this, a association has a possess occupational risk impediment government complement that has been agreed, renewed and recently audited.
The association has an equal opportunities devise to forestall situations of gender-based taste in a workplace. The plan’s goals are overseen by an Equality Agent as good as a cabinet done adult of association and kinship member to safeguard success. As a matter of fact, SEAT stands out for carrying a automobile bureau that employs many womanlike workers in Spain: 22% of a Martorell plant workforce is female, a figure that is a double of a inhabitant normal in a sector.

SEAT encourages workers to attend in opposite initiatives such as a Ideas for Improvements program, that empowers them to contention suggestions for optimising processes, products or other aspects relating to their occupational activity. In addition, to say a good operative environment, SEAT intermittently carries out a consult directed during all workers in sequence to establish their turn of compensation with their operative conditions.