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SEAT’s twin training recognized by Catalan government

SEAT and a Catalan (Generalitat) government’s Ministry of Education this morning sealed an agreement to strengthen twin vocational training. The agreement provides for central educational approval for a new vocational training supposing by SEAT given a educational year 2012/2013, as good as for a non-regulated training of employees of a automobile manufacturer. 

Likewise, a agreement lays a substructure for corner growth of a courses of studies of trades in a automotive sector, and includes a joining done by SEAT to combine in a training of Generalitat instruction staff. Finally, agreement was also reached on a hand-over of code vehicles by SEAT to a Ministry of Education as enlightening element for use in open training centres.

The agreement was sealed after a revisit by a Catalan government’s Minister for Education Irene Rigau to SEAT’s Apprentices School. Minister Rigau was accompanied by Executive Vice-President for Human Resources Josef Schelchshorn, who showed a Minister a association comforts in a Barcelona Training Centre, as good as providing sum of a twin vocational training supposing by SEAT during a centre. Additionally, Minister Rigau got first-hand believe of a knowledge of some apprentices.

The Minister for Education announced that a agreement “signals a educational approval of a skills schooled by apprentices, and a cunning of this propagandize is assisting to strech a full control and doing of a twin vocational training system”. “2,000 students are purebred for twin vocational training in Catalonia for a arriving term. This is usually a initial step and we have a prolonged highway forward of us, though we will take to a highway with SEAT”, resolved Rigau.

After signing a agreement, SEAT President Jürgen Stackmann highlighted a fact that “top-quality vocational training is a pivotal to augmenting SEAT’s competitiveness”. In Stackmann’s difference “SEAT’s Apprentices School has successfully blending to developments in a attention and in technology. Our twin vocational training complement is currently a benchmark in Spain”.

For his part, Josef Schelchshorn, SEAT’s Vice-President for Human Resources, remarked that “Our aim has always been to yield good peculiarity and a good turn of training. With twin vocational training we have modernized one step further, and a signing of this agreement is a opinion of certainty in a work that we have grown via a final educational year, enabling us to pierce forward”.

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SEAT’s twin vocational training scheme, formed on German model

SEAT initial implemented twin vocational training during a 2012-2013 educational year, origination it a pioneering knowledge in Spain to serve training as one of a vital axes of a company. This novel complement combines both fanciful and unsentimental training during SEAT’s training centre with one of a company’s prolongation plants. The curriculum offers a sum series of 4,625 hours widespread over 3 educational years, 57% some-more than a prior training system. Likewise, students pointer a work agreement for training and apprenticeship, whereby they accept a monthly arrangement according to a series hours of unsentimental work carried out.

The Apprentices School, some-more than half a century of training
SEAT’s Apprentices School is a private training centre open to a public, with all training costs borne by a company. Since a origination in 1957, a School has gained a repute for a glorious technical turn of a trainers and facilities, which, together with unsentimental training sessions, comment for a success of a propagandize over a past half-century. Since a creation, a centre has lerned approximately 2,500 immature apprentices. SEAT had 144 students for a educational year 2012-2013 in a 3 middle-grade cycles on offer – Machining, Electromechanical Maintenance of Installations and Vehicles Electromechanics, 34 of whom assimilated a association final Jun after successfully completing their three-year training course.