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Second uninterrupted feat for Audi during Daytona

Perfect opening for a new U.S. chronicle of a Audi R8 LMS and a new Audi patron group Flying Lizard Motorsports: Nelson Canache jr. (YV), Tim Pappas (USA), Spencer Pumpelly (USA) and Markus Winkelhock (D) motionless a initial competition of a new Tudor United SportsCar Championship (TUSC) in their preference in a print finish.

With 29 GT sports cars running, a GT Daytona (GTD) difficulty featured a largest series of entrants in a margin and was a many fiercely fought category in a iconic U.S. continuation race. The positions during a front kept changing and a patron teams of Audi, Porsche and Ferrari had chances of holding category feat adult to a unequivocally end.

Following a late reserve automobile period, a spectators gifted a final seven-minute scurry in that Markus Winkelhock, in a tough duel, prevailed opposite a Ferrari of Alessandro Pier Guidi, that had been heading adult to that point. The Ferrari motorist fiercely shielded himself opposite a faster Audi R8 LMS and retroactively perceived a 75-second time chastisement for his action.  

“This was an implausible race, I’m positively speechless,” pronounced Romolo Liebchen, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “I can know a beating of a Ferrari team. But we share a opinion of a competition stewards that Alessandro Pier Guidi went a bit overboard in his invulnerability on a final laps. Markus was simply faster. On a whole, it was a good opening for a new U.S. chronicle of a Audi R8 LMS. We put a quick and arguable automobile for a new GTD category into a hands of a patron teams. Flying Lizard and a 4 drivers of a winning automobile done a best of it. Many interjection to all who done this illusory success possible.”

Following a calm start and a few teenager issues in a beginning, a new Californian Audi patron group launched an considerable liberation during a night that done a red-silver #45 R8 LMS allege position by position and rewarded a patrol with a initial lead on Sunday morning.  

Filipe Albuquerque (P), Alessandro Latif (GB/I), Seth Neiman (USA) and Dion von Moltke (USA) showed a likewise clever opening as their team-mates and in a team’s sister automobile prisoner fifth place in class. After 24 hours, a party was trailing a winning team-mates by usually one lap.

The patrol of Paul Miller Racing was beaten next a potential. Matt Bell (GB), Christopher Haase (D), Bryce Miller (USA) and René Rast (D) started a competition from a stick position and set a gait for prolonged durations during a initial twelve hours. They mislaid their chances for feat during a night due to a H2O leak. After several longer array stops, Paul Miller Racing had to settle for 16th place in class. A bit of consolation: Christopher Haase, after clinching a stick position on Thursday, also managed environment a fastest competition path of 1m 47.194s.

The dual Audi R8 LMS cars of a Fall-Line Motorsports and GMG Racing teams did not make it to a finish. After only 5 laps, Charlie Putman (USA/Fall-Line Motorsports) on braking into Turn 1, mislaid control of his Audi in a fastest territory of a line and spun retrograde into a petrify wall. The rear-end territory of a R8 LMS was irreparably shop-worn in a incident.

James Sofronas (USA/GMG Racing) was overwhelmed by an LMPC sports automobile in Turn 1 during a commencement of a seventh hour. The American spun off line and strike a wall of a array line exit head-on. Sofronas, like Putman, postulated no injuries though his R8 LMS was so heavily shop-worn that a trackside scold was impossible.

Quotes by a winning Audi drivers

Nelson Canache jr.: “Flying Lizard Motorsports gave us 4 drivers a illusory car. We weren’t a quickest in subordinate though all along we felt we had a quick and arguable automobile for a 24-hour race. We were unequivocally parsimonious on fuel during a end. It was a pretentious group performance.”

Tim Pappas: “I was a late further to a motorist squad, so I’m literally dumbfounded to have scored my initial Daytona victory. It was a payoff for me to watch Markus (Winkelhock) and Spencer (Pumpelly) as team-mates. Nelson (Canache jr.) and we did what was compulsory of us in gripping protected and bringing a Audi behind in one square in a stints.”

Spencer Pumpelly: “This will always be a many noted of my 3 Daytona wins. Watching a final 20 mins was nail-biting and Markus (Winkelhock) did a illusory job. Daytona was an huge plea for a Flying Lizard group with a new automobile and they did a unusual job. We had a illusory automobile that authorised us to measure an critical win.”  

Markus Winkelhock: “It was an implausible final lap.  we left copiousness of space for him to spin in during a kink though on a exit he left me no space and pushed me into a grass. we consider a officials done a scold decision. Last year, we fought for a GT category win though ran out of fuel on a final lap, so it’s good to come behind twelve months after and win.”

Race formula (GT Daytona class)

1 Canache jr./Pappas/(Pumpelly/Winkelhock (Audi R8 LMS) 662 laps in 24h 01m 19.953s
2 Snow/Heylen/Seefried (Porsche) + 0.159s
3 Rotenberg/Zlobin/Mediani/Salo/Aleshin (Ferrari) + 13.919s
4 Tucker/Sweedler/Bell/Segal/Pier Guidi (Ferrari) + 1m 43.707s
5 Albuquerque/Latif/Neiman/von Moltke (Audi R8 LMS) – 1 lap

16 Bell/Haase/Miller/Rast (Audi R8 LMS) – 36 laps

– End –