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Secure jobs for MAN employees in Poland


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MAN is concentrating a prolongation of city buses during a plant in Starachowice,

MAN is concentrating a prolongation of city buses during a plant in Starachowice, Poland. This will need an investment in Poland of around €40 million, that will be used for a new car era among other things. Final public of buses will be eliminated from Poznan to Starachowice over a entrance years adult until a finish of 2016. In destiny MAN will have a whole city train prolongation strong there and will boost a workforce. At a staff assembly today, MAN sensitive employees during a Poznan site about a relocation of production. The around 900 influenced employees during a Poznan site are guaranteed a pursuit during a MAN train plant in Starachowice.

Jens Ocksen, Chairman of a Board of Volkswagen Poznań Sp. zo.o., and Piotr Olbrys, Chairman of a Solidarnosc kinship during VW Poznan, also took partial in a staff assembly and sensitive MAN employees about a practice options during VW Commercial Vehicles in a larger Poznan area. 

“By concentrating a city train prolongation in Starachowice, MAN is responding to diseased direct and existent overcapacities. All influenced employees can send to a Starachowice plant. We will support employees who select to pierce by providing appealing mobility bonuses, given we urgently need their expertise”, pronounced Anders Nielsen, CEO of MAN Truck Bus AG. Anyone who is incompetent to pierce for family-related or other reasons will also have a event to request for an homogeneous pursuit in a Volkswagen prolongation plant in a larger Poznan area. MAN will also offer separation packages.

Nielsen stressed that MAN contingency urge a potency of a prolongation network to sojourn rival and that hence there is no choice to this step. MAN Lion’s City buses and train framework are constructed during MAN’s Poznan site. In destiny a buses will be constructed during MAN’s plant in Starachowice. MAN took over a plant in 1999 and it has been a cunning centre for train make given 2007.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is investing heavily in a Poznan region: a new plant for production a new VW Crafter will be built there by a finish of 2016. By regulating all ability reserves, Volkswagen could emanate adult to 3,000 appealing long-term jobs in Poznan. With a sum of some-more than 10,000 employees and 4 plants, Poland is already one of a many critical countries for production MAN and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The significance of a Poznan site will be reinforced with a new plant for a VW Crafter.