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Sensational success during Misano: Marco Wittmann wins competition 5 of a DTM deteriorate from final place on a grid.

The 2014 and 2016 DTM champion came in for his tyre change at
a finish of a opening lap. This valid to be a crafty tactical
move, that unequivocally paid dividends after a reserve automobile period. Once
a other drivers had all been in for their imperative tyre change,
Wittmann found himself heading a competition on path 17. He tranquil the
competition from that indicate to take victory. Wittmann’s success was also
a 35thDTM win for BMW given a code returned to the
array in 2012, and a 25thvictory for a BMW M4 DTM.

In total, 5 BMW M4 DTMs finished in a tip ten.
Bruno Spengler (CAN) was fourth in a BMW Bank M4 DTM. Philipp Eng
(AUT, ZF BMW M4 DTM) also finished in a points in seventh place. DTM
rookie Sheldon outpost der Linde (RSA), after starting a competition as the
best-placed BMW motorist after subordinate as he did in a Sunday race
during Zolder (BEL), came home ninth. Timo Glock (GER, JiVS BMW M4 DTM)
finished competition one during Misano in tenth place. Joel Eriksson’s (SWE) race
came to a beforehand finish after only dual laps following a technical
emanate with a CATL BMW M4 DTM.

Reactions to a fifth DTM competition of a 2019 deteriorate during Misano.

Rudolf Dittrich (General Manager BMW Motorsport Vehicle Development): 

“We saw another interesting and harrowing DTM competition today, with
copiousness of battles right by to a finish. Unfortunately, we were
not right adult there during a front in subordinate this time. As such, we
knew we would be in for a tough race. That creates me all a happier
with a illusory feat for Marco Wittmann and BMW Team RMG. Marco
had to start a competition from 18thafter technical issues in
qualifying. We took a large vital risk with his early stop, however,
Marco paced a tyres superbly. He unequivocally looked after his tyres well
today. It was another unusual opening from Mega Marco and
his team. I’d also like to honour Bruno Spengler on his
considerable fourth place. He indeed deserved to finish on a podium.
Philipp Eng, who came into a competition as a championship leader,
unfortunately got held adult in a garland during a re-start and
hence mislaid a lot of positions. Like Timo Glock, he found
himself stranded in a center of a pack. Sheldon outpost der Linde showed
his gait again as a best-placed BMW motorist after qualifying, and was
endangered in a lot of battles for position. He gained a lot of
knowledge again in this race. Unfortunately, Joel Eriksson’s competition was
over too shortly as a outcome of a technical issue. That is a shame, as he
would have been looking during finishing in a points. We were delighted
by a guest coming by Andrea Dovizioso. We are looking brazen to
saying him on 4 wheels again tomorrow.”

Stefan Reinhold (BMW Team RMG Team Principal):

“It is a illusory feeling. We did not have fitness on a side during the
final competition weekend, though managed to regroup successfully. Marco
Wittmann’s expostulate currently was estimable of a champion, and a guys in the
garage worked tough to get a automobile adult and using again in time for the
start. That did not demeanour expected this morning. Bruno Spengler also
achieved a glorious result. The opening is unequivocally there for
Bruno, and we know there is some-more to come. We are unequivocally happy to have
him in a team, and that he feels during home here. Timo Glock also
picked adult a indicate – they all count.”

Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
18th, Race: 1st, Drivers’ standings:
2nd, 68 points):

“I am unequivocally happy. What a illusory race. Particularly after the
set-back in both races in Zolder – Lady Luck was on a side again
today. we was apparently unequivocally unhappy not to have set a path time in
qualifying. We had to take a outrageous risk, as we started a competition from
final place. We stopped early, though meaningful for certain either we
could finish a full competition on only one set of tyres. The final five
or 6 laps were apparently critical, though it worked out in a finish and
we won a race. That is fantastic, utterly for my team, who had
to lift out all a stops to get a automobile prepared for a competition after
qualifying. I’d like to appreciate my team: That was simply superb!”

Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
6th, Race: 4th, Drivers’ standings:
7th, 36 points):

“Congratulations to a group and Marco Wittmann. It was a perfect
plan and he gathering unequivocally well. Unfortunately, we were a little
unlucky. We had a speed to finish on a podium. The final few races
have been somewhat different. You have had to take your possibility with
a reserve automobile and have a small fitness on your side. We were lacking
that a little. However, a automobile was good and we had a glorious start and
a good array stop. I’d like to appreciate my group for that. I’m looking
brazen to tomorrow.”

Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Grid:
10th, Race: 10th, Drivers’ standings:
11th, 21 points):

“It was a formidable and, above all, a crazy race, with Marco Wittmann
holding a win. It showed again that, if we start from a behind of
a grid, we should stop on a opening path to give yourself a chance
of winning a race. As distant as my competition is concerned, we was out there
driving, though a change of a automobile was not as we would have favourite it
to be. Unfortunately, we can't unequivocally tell we because that was yet.”

Bart Mampaey (BMW Team RBM Team Principal):

“That was a fifth reserve automobile in a fifth race. This time, Marco
Wittmann benefitted from it. At a same time, he gathering an impressive
race. As such, we would initial like to honour him, BMW Team RMG
and BMW. We finished a competition with dual cars in a points, with Philipp
Eng in seventh and Sheldon outpost der Linde in ninth. Having started from
fifth and seventh, we were apparently anticipating for a small some-more than
that. For that reason, we contingency continue to work tough and cope as well
as probable with a prohibited conditions. In a box of Joel Eriksson, we
unfortunately had a technical issue. We will have to take a demeanour during it
and establish what we can do for tomorrow to take another step forward
and come behind stronger.” 

Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Grid:
7th, Race: 7th, Drivers’ standings:
3rd, 65 points):

“Seventh place is apparently not a dream result. However, if we want
to plea for a championship in a DTM, it is unequivocally critical to
collect adult points on days like today. we did not put together a really
discerning path in qualifying, and unsuccessful once or twice to stratagem my way
into a good position during a re-start. However, a group helped me back
adult a margin with a good strategy. On a whole, we am happy to finish
in a points. Congratulations to Marco Wittmann on a fantastic
fightback and victory.”

Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Grid: 5th, Race: 9th, Drivers’ standings:
10th, 23 points):

“It all started unequivocally well, subordinate as a best BMW driver. I
attempted to plea for a lead during a start of a race. Maybe I
shop-worn my tyres in a process. we am unhappy with a result, as
it could unequivocally have been better. However, we am training all the
time. we will now spin all my courtesy to tomorrow.”

Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM, Grid:
12th, Race: DNF, Drivers’ standings: 12th, 20 points):

“We got off to a good start and a initial integrate of laps went pretty
well. However, we afterwards suffered technical issues utterly fast and
were forced to retire from a race. Nonetheless, we will now concentration on
tomorrow and do a unequivocally best. We unequivocally have a speed.”