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Seven VWs take on a 2.4-mile, 15-turn Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Drew with VW

I grew adult examination and attending races though constantly found myself flourishing wearied between a racing action. This past weekend we trafficked to a Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH, for a Pirelli World Challenge races, though here, spectators never had a possibility to be bored. The array customarily travels alongside other racing organizations, creation a particular marks jam-packed with swapping movement for whole weekends. Seven VWs entered a weekend, including GLIs and GTIs, and ran some of a fastest times in a Touring Class.

As we mentioned in my prior Laguna Seca post, a GTIs and GLIs are good platforms for a Touring Class as both can be track-ready with really few modifications. In addition, cars with a DSG transmission—which is singular to VWs in a TC class—can give teams an dilemma since there is no turbo boost mislaid during shifting. This allows drivers to concentration on braking points and other facets of racing rather than perplexing to compare engine revs.

Pirelli WC had dual races packaged into a weekend: one Saturday and one Sunday. Saturday’s competition conditions authorised for quick path times and purify racing with several VWs achieving clever finishes, including a 2nd place lectern for Emich Racing/3Zero3 Motorsports’ 2012 GLI. Sunday’s competition was utterly a opposite. It rained all morning and via a race, creation traction formidable to come by. While a sharp lane done pushing formidable for a racers, we found it additional sparkling to watch. The front circle expostulate GLIs and GTIs even upheld heavily mutated cars from a GTS category via a race. All that energy and weight to competitors’ back wheels done late braking and dilemma exits intensely formidable in soppy conditions. The APR MKVI GTI claimed a 3rd mark on a podium, a clever display after creation passes on many of a field.

While perplexing to locate as most racing movement as possible, we listened a few informed drivers’ names announced over a loudspeaker. As it incited out, several former TDI Cup drivers were onsite and stability to surpass in their racing careers, including Andy Lee with Best IT/Bondurant Racing and Kevin Gleason with Napleton Porsche.

The races were behind shortly on Sunday while officials waited for complicated rains to dissipate, so we upheld a time by walking around a exhibitor area and saying what giveaway things we could score. Booths from tire companies, aftermarket shops, video diversion publishers, and greasy food vendors abound. Health unwavering fans be warned: there is no “light” choice to be found. As always, Volkswagen was onsite to uncover support for a private teams and fans with a trailer and several performance-inspired models—shown below—and a good strait module that handsomely rewards a VW pole-sitter and a tip 3 finishing VWs.

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