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Silk Way Rally 2017 – Leg 12 – Jiayuguan – Alxa Youqi

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Silk Way Rally 2017

20 Jul 2017


Silk Way Rally 2017 – Leg 12 – Jiayuguan –
Alxa Youqi


  • Top 10 theatre finishes for both MINI John Cooper Works Rally
    cars (#101 #105)
  • Yazeed Al Rajhi / Tom Colsoul finish 5th to hold
    on to 10th place overall
  • Bryce Menzies / Peter Mortensen cranky a line in
    9th after a severe stage


Munich. The outrageous dunes on theatre 12 of a 2017 Silk Way Rally
supposing hurdles for a competitors currently as they done their way
from Jiayuguan to Alxa Youqi.

Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) and co-driver Tom Colsoul (BEL) showed their
total knowledge on sandy turf in a #101 MINI John Cooper
Works Rally and reaped a rewards with a fifth place theatre finish to
say 10th position overall.


Al Rahji: “We started a theatre and we didn’t push,
we gathering smoothly. After CP1 we attempted to stop since we could see far
divided some dirt following Bryce though we stopped for maybe 2 to
2-and-a-half mins to let him pass and when he upheld we followed him
until a dunes. After a dunes, during about 80km from a finish we got
stranded in one place from staying too distant left, so we kept right and
immediately upheld a automobile on a right side. Again after we followed
him, we saw some dirt so kept even some-more right to get a drifting finish.”


It was a some-more formidable theatre for Bryce Menzies (USA) and Peter
Mortensen (USA) in a #105 MINI John Cooper Works Rally. After
removing mislaid and incurring a penalty, a span finished a theatre in
ninth to pull them down to fourth overall, though they sojourn positive
with dual stages remaining.


Menzies: “The theatre started out unequivocally well, we
held Yazeed and Cyril and afterwards after that we were kind of leading
a trail. The dunes are massive; we got mislaid and couldn’t find the
waypoint so we were acid around for about 20-25 minutes, maybe
even more. It was kind of frustrating that we couldn’t find a tracks
and afterwards once everybody starting shutting in, we went over one of the
dunes and found everybody though by that time we’d mislaid too most time. I
consider we’re 4th altogether now, so we mislaid a lot of time, but
we consider tomorrow’s some-more dunes, around 70% of a stage, so the
competitors have to start out front and make a trail, so we wish that
we can make adult time usually like they did today. It’s racing and
generally in a convene anything can happen. We’re usually going to keep
fighting and pulling and we have one some-more day after tomorrow to take
it all a approach to a finish – we’re still in a quarrel and usually 14
mins from second place overall. Tomorrow’s a new day.”

Tomorrow’s penultimate theatre 13 of a 2017 Silk Way Rally takes the
competitors from Alxa Youqi to Zhongwei.  


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