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Six Engines for a new Power Station in Gibraltar


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MAN Diesel Turbo to Deliver Gas and Dual Fuel Engines

18V chronicle oft he 51/60GMAN Diesel Turbo has sealed a agreement to broach 3 14V51/60G gas and 3 14V51/60DF dual-fuel engines to supply a new appetite hire for Gibraltar. While MDT is obliged for a supply and commissioning of a engines, a plant will be built by a French EPC executive Bouygues Energies Services SAS. It will have a ability of 2×40 MW and will reinstate several existent though antiquated diesel engine plants, that also work MDT aggregates.

“This new agreement opens a subsequent section in a decade-long partnership,” says Dr. Hermann Kröger, Senior Vice President during MAN Diesel Turbo and Head of a Business Unit Power Plants. “MAN engines have supposing electrical appetite to Gibraltar for many decades and will continue to do so for many more.”

“This is a poignant plan for us,” adds Howard Barnes, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Power Sales during MAN Diesel Turbo. “The Government of Gibraltar was looking for arguable era capacities with a low CO footprint. The selected multiple of gas and dual-fuel provides both. The plant advantages from low CO2 emissions when run on healthy gas and nonetheless offers full fuel coherence around a 3 dual-fuel engines.”

The 51/60G is a latest further to MAN Diesel Turbo’s family of gas engines. The 14-cylinder chronicle has an electrical appetite outlay of 14.3 MW and a singular cycle potency of adult to 50 percent that can be increasing to a total cycle potency of over 52 percent.

“It is an unusually fit appurtenance that has been privately designed to accommodate today’s increasing need for operational flexibility,” explains Dr. Tilman Tütken, Vice President and European Head of Power Sales during MAN Diesel Turbo. “At a same time it’s really robust. It can work in 95 percent of all ambient conditions worldwide but derating and runs facilely on a far-reaching operation of gas forms and qualities. We are really unapproachable that a 51/60G will assistance to supply a people in Gibraltar with tolerable energy.”