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ŠKODA celebrates a double million

Producing and delivering one million ŠKODA cars in a singular year is a miracle for a Czech manufacturer, and reaffirms their general expansion strategy. ŠKODA celebrated a team’s superb grant to a successful expansion over new years by hosting a ‘Million Celebration’ during a ŠKODA Museum.

ŠKODA Fabia to ‘Life for children’ - The one millionth ŠKODA automobile constructed in 2014 was handed over by Prof. Dr. h. c. Winfried Vahland, ŠKODA CEO to ‘Life for children’ chairperson Anna Strnadová.The one millionth ŠKODA automobile constructed this year ran off a prolongation lines during a categorical ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav on 10 December: ŠKODA Fabia 1.2 TSI/81 kW (1) in moon-white. The manufacturer has donated a anniversary automobile to a ‘Life for Children’ foundation. The keys were handed over yesterday dusk during a rite in Mladá Boleslav. ŠKODA employees voted on that gift would be a worthiest target of a ‘million vehicle’. There were 10 organisations to select from in total.

In addition, a millionth ŠKODA patron of 2014 from a Czech Republic was welcomed during a festivities. He had systematic a ŠKODA Octavia Combi RS, 2.0 TSI (2) in rally-green metallic, and a keys were handed over to him by a Rally Champion Jan Kopecky.

“Each 1 million vehicles constructed and sole are chronological milestones and denote a strength of a brand,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. hc Winfried Vahland. “ŠKODA has achieved a new dimension and is resolutely determined as an general volume manufacturer. This success can be attributed to a indication campaign, and a good opening of a 26,000 employees worldwide. The whole group is really unapproachable of this achievement. At a same time, achieving this million in prolongation and sales will coax us on to collect adult a gait over a entrance years.”

ŠKODA expansion plan is successful

By achieving one million in prolongation and sales in 2014, a manufacturer is once again drifting a ensign high and highlighting their expansion during a finish of a year. At a heart of a expansion plan is a many extensive indication debate in a 119-year story of a company. Since 2010, a code has been extensively renewing their indication operation and branching out into critical segments – from a tiny ŠKODA Citigo to a new ŠKODA Fabia introduced only a few weeks ago.

“We offer a many appealing and complicated ŠKODA indication operation of all time,” says Winfried Vahland. The indication campaign’s success is reflected in a sales figures: Between 2010 and Dec 2014, ŠKODA’s deliveries increasing by over 30%, creation ŠKODA one of a world’s fastest flourishing volume brands.

The company’s expansion over a past dual decades is one of a good success stories in a automotive industry. Since a tumble of a Iron Curtain and fasten a VW Group in Apr 1991, ŠKODA’s prolongation and sales have increasing six-fold. With this came a resurgence of one of a longest-established automotive brands. ŠKODA’s origins date behind to a pioneering days of a automobile in 1895. In a abounding history, a association has always gay business with mythological cars like a ŠKODA 860 and ŠKODA Popular Monte Carlo.

In further to expanding a indication range, one critical post of a implemented expansion plan is entering new markets over Europe. Nowadays, ŠKODAs are accessible in over 100 countries around a world. China has been a brand’s strongest particular marketplace given 2010, where in a initial eleven months of 2014 around one entertain of all ŠKODAs constructed have been sold.

The millionth ŠKODA patron of 2014 - The millionth ŠKODA patron (second from right on a photo) of 2014 from a Czech Republic was welcomed during a festivities. He had systematic a ŠKODA Octavia Combi RS, 2.0 TSI in rally-green metallic.

1) Fabia 1,2 TSI 81 kW (110 PS): civic 6.1 l/100km, additional civic 4.0 l/100km,
    total 4.8 l/100km, CO2 emissions total 110 g/km, CO2 potency category B

2) Octavia RS Combi 2,0 l TSI Green tec 162 kW (220 PS): civic 7,7 l/100km, extra
    urban 5,3 l/100km, total 6,2 l/100km, CO2 emissions combinen 142 g/km,
    CO2 potency category C