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ŠKODA Digital Lab: Future seminar for new digital technologies and solutions

ŠKODA is strengthening a innovative energy and digital growth imagination by substantiating a digital lab in Prague. Creative teams will be exploring and building new business models in a innovative ideas workshop. This will engage integrating digital technologies some-more strongly into ŠKODA’s stream core business, and building innovative connectivity and mobility services. The commander proviso for a growth of a digital lab will run until a finish of 2016. The digital lab is afterwards going to work as an eccentric ŠKODA business entity.

“The growth of new digital technologies and solutions is of executive significance for ŠKODA’s destiny development,” says ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier “We are scheming for a digital age with a Digital Lab. Digitization, connectivity and new mobile services are among a cornerstones of a 2025 strategy. Our idea is to rise wholly new mobility solutions for a customers. The vehicle shall sojourn a core product. In a future, we will element this with services that make daily pushing easier, safer, some-more fit and comfortable. As a result, ŠKODA will be changeable from being quite a vehicle manufacturer towards a mobility use provider.”

Innovative connectivity and mobility services will make a poignant grant to a company’s destiny sales. The mandate for this are being combined during a ŠKODA Digital Lab. Customer-oriented ideas and solutions can be fast generated, tested and incited into commercial products.

In addition, a ŠKODA Digital Lab will be building new operative methods and forms of team-work with outmost partners. This will include, among others, speed, affability and flexibility. The knowledge gained from a digital lab will be integrated into ŠKODA’s corporate culture. Following a elemental change in a automotive industry, a association will be in a position to accommodate a mandate of complicated industrial culture.

“We wish to send out signals for a mobility of a destiny – both internally and externally,” explains André Wehner, Head of Corporate Development and Digitization during ŠKODA. “The digital lab is formulating a prerequisites for even larger innovative strength during ŠKODA, and will bond a vehicle to a digital world.”

The sell with other destiny workshops within a Volkswagen Group will be key. The ŠKODA Digital Lab will be operative closely with a people obliged for digitizing a Volkswagen Group and a brands. The sell of knowledge and formula will therefore advantage a whole Volkswagen Group.

At a ŠKODA Digital Lab, artistic minds from several fields will be building ideas, and solutions – regardless of their primogenitor company, start-up centre or incubator – that can be used in use by a Czech vehicle manufacturer. “With a Digital Lab, ŠKODA is holding a new trail in a growth of products and services. It will be critical to optimally mix a schooled operative methods of a automotive attention with a mandate of a immature digital world,” says Wehner.

The commander proviso of ŠKODA Digital Labs is now underway. The Czech carmaker is operative on this plan in a vital partnership with several growth companies. IT professionals from ŠKODA and growth companies are jointly building novel technologies and solutions.

ŠKODA examined 3 colourful areas of Prague, that are characterized by their artistic environment, as probable locations for a digital lab. The Czech collateral also has a advantage of being in tighten vicinity to ŠKODA’s domicile in Mladá Boleslav and heading record companies in a country. The association envisages a seminar will embark operations as an eccentric ŠKODA business entity in 2017.