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ŠKODA indication operation safer than ever

ŠKODA cars strengthen your passengers with tip reserve sign of approval. ŠKODA cars strengthen your passengers with tip reserve sign of approval. All 7 ŠKODA indication array have achieved a limit five-star reserve rating in a internationally recognized Euro NCAP pile-up tests in a march of their particular marketplace launches, with a new ŠKODA Fabia being awarded 5 stars many recently in November.nbsp; The concept tip rating by Euro NCAP proves a high reserve turn of ŠKODA vehicles, and has been a outcome of complete work to grasp limit active and pacifist vehicle safety. In addition, a organisation engages several highway reserve initiatives as partial of their amicable shortcoming campaign.

“The reserve of all passengers is ŠKODA’s tip priority,” says ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development Dr. Frank Welsch. “This formidable customary relates opposite all classes of vehicles, from a city vehicle ŠKODA Citigo to a flagship ŠKODA Superb. We are constantly operative to urge a turn of active and pacifist reserve in a vehicles. This includes installing innovative assistance systems, as good as ideally concurrent patience systems, cutting-edge cessation technology, high-performance lighting systems and optimizing a physique structures of a vehicles.”

All 7 ŠKODA indication array have achieved a limit five-star reserve rating in a internationally recognized Euro NCAP pile-up tests.ŠKODA employs around 1700 dilettante designers, engineers and constructors in a Technical Development department. A estimable partial of this work is directly or indirectly endangered with a technical issues of vehicle safety.

The new tiny vehicle ŠKODA Fabia clearly demonstrates how many importance ŠKODA puts on reserve systems. The third era indication offers a accumulation of reserve innovations that had formerly been indifferent for aloft vehicle segments. This means that a new ŠKODA Fabia facilities a reserve turn new to this segment, and is unmatched by any tiny vehicle outward a Volkswagen Group.

The Front Assistant with integrated city puncture stop duty celebrates a premiere in a new ŠKODA Fabia. The new Fabia also facilities a prolonged list of additional reserve features, such as multi-collision brakes, Driver Activity Assistant (fatigue detection), Speed Limiter, Hill Hold Control (assists drivers to start on an incline) and a electronic tyre vigour monitoring system. Other facilities accessible on ask embody LED daytime using lights and haze lights with Cornering function.
As partial of their particular marketplace launches over new years, all 7 ŠKODA indication array have been awarded a tip rating of 5 stars in a Euro NCAP Crash tests. The new ŠKODA Fabia perceived a tip rating many recently in early November. Other models to have achieved a five-star Euro NCAP status, embody a ŠKODA Octavia (2013), ŠKODA Rapid (2012), ŠKODA Citigo (2011), ŠKODA Yeti (2009), ŠKODA Superb (2008) and ŠKODA Roomster (2006).

The high reserve turn of a ŠKODA models has been reliable by eccentric experts. Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) is an eccentric consortium of European ride ministries, vehicle associations, insurers and consumer advocates. The classification carries out pile-up tests with new vehicle models, assessing reserve according to a 4 categories of newcomer insurance for adults, child safety, walking reserve and ancillary reserve systems.

Innovative reserve assistance systems

Safety assistance systems assistance to forestall accidents or lessen their consequences for passengers and other highway users. Over new years, a series of new technologies have entered a ŠKODA indication range. The Czech manufacturer has been means to successfully exercise these systems interjection to a record and modular cross pattern (MQB) of a Volkswagen Group. As partial of ŠKODA’s reserve strategy, a code now offers a following confidence systems in several forms in any of a 7 models in a series: Front Assistant, including City Emergency Braking, Multi-Collision Brake Feature, Adaptive Cruise Assistant (adaptive journey control), Lane Assistant (lane gripping assistant), Intelligent Light Assistant (high-beam assist), Crew Protect Assistant (proactive newcomer protection), Driver Activity Assistant (fatigue detection), Traffic Sign Recognition and electronic tyre vigour monitoring system.

Best pacifist reserve with reserve package

In sequence to best strengthen a passengers in a eventuality of a collision, all ŠKODA models are versed with a comprehensive, ideally tuned reserve package. Depending on a model, this can embody adult to 9 airbags (Superb, Octavia and Yeti), tallness tractable 3-point chair belts with pretensioners and reserve headrests. Specifically optimized physique structures yield really good deformation characteristics in a collision, and safeguard that as many appetite as probable is engrossed and a newcomer cell stays stable.

Social joining to increasing reserve

In further to a reserve of their vehicles, a Czech manufacturer is quite penetrating on a emanate of highway reserve in general, that forms a estimable partial of ŠKODA’s extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

For many years, a can manufacturer has been ancillary countless projects surrounding this subject via a Czech Republic. Since 2013, ŠKODA has been a categorical partner of a highway reserve portal ‘Bezpečné cesty’ (Safe Journeys). At, highway users and pedestrians can get critical and transparent information on a emanate of highway safety, and find tips on a best ways to act on a road. ŠKODA provides specific information, commentary and their imagination from their reserve and collision research; they also give their dilettante submit and yield specific scholastic element in a form of texts and films.

The Internet educational programme ‘Playful ŠKODA’ gives kids a fun approach to learn about how to act nearby roads and civic areas. The national foe ‘Ways by Cities’, that has been using for a past eleven years with ŠKODA’s support, shows that methods are many effective in shortening trade in Czech cities and towns. The organisation frequently organizes events, such as ‘Safe in a Car’ and ‘Road Safety Days’ in organisation with a Integrated Rescue System of a Czech Republic. In a regions of ŠKODA prolongation sites, ŠKODA AUTO has upheld 10 other highway reserve projects final year alone.

The organisation is also actively intent in collision research, in that ŠKODA works in tighten team-work with ride police, glow brigade, ambulance services and hospitals, and other supervision and private zone organizations.