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Smart factory: Audi shows intelligent production

Audi offers a business products that are increasingly different and individual. This formula in huge increases in a complexity of a prolongation processes. “Automobile prolongation as we know it currently will no longer exist in a future. It will turn some-more connected, some-more intelligent and some-more efficient. At a same time, a employees will continue to be a drivers of successful production,” settled Audi’s Board of Management Member for Production Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl. “New specialists such as network architects will increasingly pierce into a industry. With their IT expertise, they will configure machine so that all processes will be intensely good concurrent and a bureau apparatus will optimally support a employees.”

In many areas of prolongation during Audi, a smart factory is already a existence today, as this Encounter magazine shows: With a augmented‑reality apparatus “Window to the World” for example, employees in a pre‑series core mix a practical and a earthy worlds of vehicle growth intensely precisely. The complement allows a projection of practical 3D components onto a car. In Audi’s tooling division, a 3D printer produces formidable steel parts, and intelligent collection are means to accurately discharge a high vigour army to stamp sheet‑metal collection that are accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter. And in a public routine during a Ingolstadt plant, a drudge works with a employees on a prolongation line but a protecting fence, flitting them components during accurately a right speed and in an ergonomically pleasing position.

In a Encounter magazine underneath a streamer of “Smart Factory,” Audi also provides a glance of how vehicle prolongation could demeanour in a apart future: production with cunning islands instead of public lines, with drones to ride materials fast and with cars that expostulate out of a public halls in piloted mode.

The announcement is partial of a “Encounter” series and can be downloaded during Audi Media Services; a online chronicle is accessible during