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Smart Factory Hackathon: Talented data-science specialists rise solutions for a bureau of a future

The Smart Factory Hackathon is a programmers’ marathon in that participants work out digital solutions and prototypes for genuine concentration cases over a duration of 24 hours. For a competition, some-more than 20 departments from a pre-series center, toolmaking, paint shop, public and logistics had supposing anonymized information sets with that a teams had to work. The formula were assessed by a jury of 4 Audi experts and a startup consultant Thorsten Weber from “UnternehmerTUM,” a core for creation and startups during a Technical University of Munich. The teams afterwards presented their ideas to an audience. The winners were motionless equally by a jury comment and a audience’s votes.

The jury members enclosed Michael Breme, Head of Production and Plant Planning, as good as Audi’s Chief Information Officer, Mattias Ulbrich. The dual of them also insincere a purpose of congregation for a Hackathon. Michael Breme congratulated a winners: “The ‘Happy Unicorns’ group have grown a earnest proceed for enclosure management. we am anxious by a farrago and peculiarity of a solutions and can good suppose going into serve abyss with some of them together with a teams.” Mattias Ulbrich said: “We have had really good knowledge with Hackathons during Audi in a past. With this Smart Factory Hackathon, it was generally engaging to see how young, gifted IT specialists understanding with petrify tasks and accommodate a specific hurdles in a area of production. These formula are also really artistic and promising. Overall, it was a really good eventuality that motivates us to continue with this approach.”

Out of approximately 200 field from all over a world, 72 participants competent for a Hackathon, including possibilities from Italy, Russia and Israel. Before a foe started, a participants visited comparison areas of Audi’s production. Audi experts explained a hurdles and technical contexts, and were accessible as advisors during a Hackathon. Finally, a sixteen teams comparison their topics.

Florian Bauer, Isabella Burket, Alexander Hirner, Mario Luef and Christian Tschautscher alias a “Happy Unicorns” had selected a theme enclosure management. They grown a complement that enables programmed detection, counting and mapping of ride containers. The “Happy Unicorns” afterwards versed a forklift lorry with cameras. By means of a self-learning algorithm, a program that is related to a camera recognizes particular containers by their specific facilities and assigns a suitable boxes to marker codes. This enables programmed real-time information integration, that in spin means logistics employees have an overview of a stream enclosure register during all times.

The winners have a eventuality to put their ideas into use together with Audi. The 3 top-ranking teams can also demeanour brazen to receiving appealing prizes. These embody appearance in an Audi pushing knowledge eventuality and assemblage during a technical discussion in a United States or Europe with a concentration on a theme of large information / information analytics.