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Smart glove: ŠKODA Logistics is focusing on destiny technology


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• Industry 4.0: ŠKODA is scheming for prolongation work of a destiny and is continuously
   testing state-of-the-art technology
• Intelligent glove: ProGlove optimises a supply of tools in ŠKODA Logistics
• Head of ŠKODA Brand Logistics, Jiří Cee: “The glove helps a group work more
   quickly, some-more well and with probably no errors.”

ŠKODA is scheming intensively for a onward industrial revolution. With a intelligent ProGlove industrial glove, a Czech automobile manufacturer is focusing on innovative destiny technology. Use of a glove facilitates and improves a work of ŠKODA Logistics.

“Nowadays, logistics is an critical mercantile and rival cause that contributes extremely to a automobile manufacturer’s success,” pronounced Jiří Cee, Head of ŠKODA Brand Logistics. “At ŠKODA, we therefore invariably exam cutting-edge record in sequence to urge a day-to-day work of a employees. The intelligent ProGlove helps a group to work some-more quickly, some-more well and with probably no errors,” combined Cee.

ŠKODA intends to move a digital age onto their bureau floors. The ProGlove is an electronic glove with a built-in scanner designed to urge work in logistics. This intelligent glove underwent an continuation exam that assured ŠKODA Logistics. “ProGlove valid itself to be a ideal resolution for array prolongation and has been used in a logistics ever since,” pronounced Cee.

Most importantly, a intelligent glove is designed to make day-to-day work easier and quicker for a wearer. The device shows, for example, possibly a right partial is being used and possibly prolongation stairs are being rightly followed.

Like a normal scanner, a glove can also constraint information – though in one elementary movement and but any additional device. This allows products to be purebred fast and easily. In addition, workflow becomes some-more ergonomic for a user: information collection or element contrast are incorporated into healthy palm movements.

Using a intelligent glove, codes can be review both plumb and horizontally. The formula is afterwards reliable regulating a activation symbol on a index finger. The formula is reliable possibly by a sound or a quivering therefore preventing an improper formula from being scanned.

ŠKODA Logistics now employs over 3,000 members of staff who devise and safeguard successful smoothness of worldwide code logistics.