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Soundbites: 2014 Ford Transit

For some-more than 40 years, a Ford E-Series outpost has been a fortitude of a blurb outpost industry, either it’s used to broach packages or convey we to a airport. Next year Ford is rising a insubordinate new blurb van, a Ford Transit. According to Tim Stoehr (Stair), Commercial Truck Product selling manager, a success of a E-Series outpost has many loyalists seeking “why change now?”…

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Cut #1:
“I answer that doubt to a many constant E-Series customers, that all we adore in E-series; durability, reliability, a Transit delivers and gives we more, some-more and more… some-more choice, some-more roof heights, some-more circle basement and some-more fuel efficiency.” :15 sec.
Ford Transit will grasp an normal of 25 percent improved fuel economy and transport during slightest 300 pounds some-more than today’s E-Series, it is a initial truly tellurian full distance outpost for Ford Motor Company according to Stoehr and will have 3 roof heights.
Cut #2:
“The new Transit is going to have 3 opposite roof heights, a low roof, a middle roof and a high roof. The reduce roof is identical to what we offer currently on an E-Series, it’s around 4 and half feet of interior room, a middle roof offers about 5 and half brook to 5/8 inches interior conduct room, and a high roof offers 6 feet 5 inches of interior conduct room.” :20 sec.
The 2014 Transit offer 3 opposite powertrains, and while it’s a new outpost for North America, Stoehr says it’s unequivocally a fifth era of a Ford Transit Van.
Cut #3:
“Our bottom engine is going to be a 3.7 liter gas engine V-6 and a discretionary engines is going to be a 3.5 liter EcoBoost also tested and proven out in a F-150 and a discretionary diesel engine will be a 3.2 liter Power Stroke engine, that has been grown in Ford Europe it’s in a Ranger currently and it’s been in a Transit for over a decade.” :19 sec.
The 2014 is not only a application car it also is a people inciter and as Tim Stoehr says, “choice” is a thesis of a new 2014 Transit.
Cut #4:
“When it comes to carrying passengers we’re going to have some-more choice than anybody else there as well. We’ll offer opposite car models in 8, 10, 12 or 15 newcomer versions, for any business or patron that needs some-more than 15, we’re also going to be charity framework cab and cut-away applications where aftermarket train companies could offer even some-more than 15 passengers.” :20 sec.
When it comes to fuel economy, Stoehr says it’ll be almost improved with a Ford Transit achieving on normal of 25 percent improved fuel economy.
Cut #5:
“I consider what a customer’s need to know right now is that a aim for this car and all vehicles is best in category or equal to best in category mileage and I’m utterly assured that a new Transit family of vans is going to startle and prove a North American customers.” :16 sec.
The full-size 2014 Transit will be done in Kansas City and business can design to see it nearing in dealers by a finish of 2013.

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