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Soundbites: New Ford Flex


More power, extended reserve and softened fuel economy best report a new 2013 Ford Flex. Amy Marentic Group Marketing Manager for vast cars and utilities during Ford Motor Company, says a new Flex has been upgraded with a neat new demeanour that appeals to women some-more than men.

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Cut #1:
“So a infancy of a owners are younger couples, in their 30’s and 40’s, though it is also a car that is purebred some-more to women, afterwards it is to men. About 50-percent are purebred to women contra a Ford code that is about 35-percent….so a lot of women expostulate a vehicle, a lot of immature integrate and typically people with children.” :18 sec

Marentic says a Flex appeals to people who wish to mount out from a throng and in many ways replaces a mini-van.
Cut #2:
“It’s some-more of a rarely stylized people mover….It does lift seven, there are dual options, we can get a 6 newcomer chronicle and we can supplement a fridge between a second quarrel seats, so captain chairs in a second quarrel or we can get a seven pass..version, that in a second quarrel is a 3 pass dais seat.” :17 sec.

It is a usually Ford car that offers a fridge and according to Marentic, it creates clarity to offer it on a Flex….especially if we have a series of children.
Cut #3:
“You can put a H2O or divert or cocktail and it will cold it down very, unequivocally fast and it is an choice that people unequivocally like.” :07 sec.

When it comes to performance, a 2013 Ford Flex has taken it to a subsequent level.
Cut #4:
“The Flex offers dual engines. It offers naturally aspired V-6 and we’ve upped a horsepower to 285 and we’ve also increasing a fuel economy to 25 mpg on a highway. So improvements in both Performance and fuel and afterwards a 3.5 EcoBoost engine, that is a 355 horsepower is also available.” :20 sec

The new Flex is a second car in Ford showrooms, after a Explorer, versed with a back inflatable belts to offer softened comfort and insurance for back chair passengers.
Cut #5:
“It’ll have a back inflatable chair belt technology, so when we have younger children sitting in a second quarrel in a eventuality of an accident, those seatbelts indeed deploy, and widespread a army out to make it safer for a child in a eventuality of an collision and afterwards also things like Blind Spot monitoring, we’ll have pull symbol start, and small things like energy overlay mirrors, so we’re holding a Ford Flex, a car business positively love, adding some-more technology, freshening a extraneous and improving a energy train.” :26 sec.

The new 2013 Ford Flex will be showrooms in a open of 2012.


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