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Soundbites: Power of Choice

The all-new, gasoline-free Ford Focus Electric is a company’s first-ever all-electric newcomer automobile – a zero-CO2-emissions chronicle of Ford’s renouned tiny automobile approaching to be a initial of a kind to grasp a homogeneous of a 100 miles per gallon fuel potency rating with seating for five. Sherif Marakby, executive of Ford’s Electrification Programs and Engineering says it’s unequivocally sparkling to see a flagship of Ford’s remade line up, one-third of that will underline a indication with 40 mpg or some-more in 2012, building on a company’s joining to give fuel-efficiency-minded business a Power of Choice.

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Cut #1:
“With a Focus Electric we are achieving over a hundred MPGe, that’s homogeneous to miles per gallon, regulating electricity. That only costs a small over two-dollars to assign adult your automobile and expostulate utterly a bit in your daily commute.” :15 sec.
Marakby says this is a genuine thing… not only an electric powered car, though a automobile that has all a record we would pattern from a required vehicle.
Cut #2:
“Many of a folks that expostulate a automobile are repelled during how most of a genuine automobile this is… we mean…you expostulate it… it’s got even some-more an present torque since of a electric engine contra gas engines and it only goes and we expostulate and feels unequivocally comfortable, it’s only a illusory roving vehicle.” :18 sec.
With 20 years of Ford investigate and creation behind electrified automobile program and hardware technology, a association offers proven engineering and pattern with Focus Electric. Ford binds approximately 500 patents, with several hundred patent-pending applications on technologies used in a new Focus Electric and a other electrified vehicles. According to Marakby, reserve is not an issue.
Cut #3:
“We came adult with a pattern where we are enclosing a battery record in a Focus EV with steal, many of it is high-strength steel, we also built structure around to a battery so that all is ok, and only did all a difficult contrast and unequivocally it only achieved superb in terms of what we expected, and also on safety, we have tip collect reserve in many of a segments and we wish to make certain a automobile performs a same.” :25 sec.
Ford began holding orders for a 2012 Focus Electric in Nov by Certified Electric Vehicle Dealers in California and New York/New Jersey markets. In 2012, accessibility of a Focus Electric will enhance to another 15 launch markets as prolongation ramps up.
Cut #4:
“As many of us know a electric automobile marketplace is still early to tell what a volumes are going to be, and a some-more critical thing is that what we’ve designed here, we’ve designed a electric record on a bottom automobile and it’s not a one off vehicle. And we’re building it on a same prolongation line as a bottom vehicle, and even some of a variety and plug-in’s and what that does it gives us is a ability to prove a volume demand, either it goes adult or down unequivocally quickly.” :28 sec.
In further to a Focus Electric, entrance in 2012 will be another electrified vehicle, a C-Max Hybrid and a C-MAX Energi both of that are Multi-Activity Vehicles. Marakby says, it’s a right automobile for a time as it combines a dynamics and peculiarity of a normal automobile with… heading fuel potency that we can't even get from Toyota.
Cut #5:
“There is unequivocally some-more seductiveness in variety and what’s unequivocally neat about a C-Max Hybrid here is… it’s a third era of hybrid vehicles from Ford with all new powertrains. So what we did unequivocally is laser concentration on potency and fuel economy in this technology, so you’ll see that a fuel economy beats a competition, a CMAX Hybrid gets improved fuel economy mpg than a Prius v.” :25 sec.
The New C-MAX Energi is approaching to grasp improved mpg homogeneous than Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid in electric mode and provides an altogether pushing operation of some-more than 500 miles, improved than Chevy Volt.

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