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Southern (Dis)comfort

For many of us a highway outing exists usually in a imagination; a desk-jockey’s daydream, pencilled wistfully onto a retirement bucket list. So it takes a likes of Anthony Coyne, Porsche partner and inveterate mile-muncher, to do a fantasies for us.

47-year-old Anthony is a British business owners and long-time Porsche left-wing whose passion for 911s is equalled usually by his enterprise to expostulate them. When Anthony and his partner, Californian ex-pat Renée Logsdon, motionless to organize a pushing holiday in a US, it took figure with a bit of a twist.

All too informed with a fly-and-drive accumulation of highway trip, where a whole let awaits we during a airport, Anthony began exploring a possibilities of shipping his stream daily, a 993 Carrera, to a start point. So most time was spent exploring a dos and don’ts, a bureaucracy, hurdles and pitfalls, that Anthony motionless to start recording what he unearthed.

And what began as a how-to eventually developed into a charming and sprawling blog that would request a whole journey, warts and all, bringing together one of a world’s biggest sports cars with several thousand miles of a biggest roads.

Anthony’s Porsche tour unequivocally began 12 years ago, with a 986 Boxster S. This done approach for a singular non-metallic dim blue 964 Carrera, a automobile he regrets offered to this day. But he did so to account a initial gen Boxster Spyder, a opening high-point that scratched an itch, though eventually also bent out in foster of another air-cooled 911, his stream 993.

Fast brazen to a commencement of June, 2019, and Anthony and Renée are station on a docks in a Port of Charleston, South Carolina. After several weeks during sea, a 993 has done a US mainland and Anthony is reunited with his other beloved, 4,000 miles from home. The initial thing he remembers, as he clambers aboard in a breathless feverishness of summer in a Deep South, is that a 911’s air-conditioning has never unequivocally worked.

That initial expostulate internal from Charleston is roughly unbearable. An try to get a complement re-gassed has no distinct effect, and as they glance down a highway that will eventually zig-zag opposite Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, what an aged crony once referred to as ‘God’s A/C’ looks like their usually hope: windows down, feet down.

The start of this epic tour takes in Nashville and Kansas, en track to Mount Rushmore. Long hours during a circle are equivalent by a 993’s ability to journey absolutely during 3,000 rpm in top, and by a rock-bottom cost of fuel in a US.


Early starts spin an imperative, to lay down miles in a cooler morning atmosphere and make suggestive dents in a punishing channel that mostly sees a span on a pierce for 12 hours in a day, pushing 700 or 800 miles. The Badlands National Park offers implausible backdrops, a circuitous roads by a Rockies above Denver a acquire energetic challenge.

Around a week into a trip, a clever smell of fuel starts to interfuse a cabin. Anthony calls forward to a Porsche dealership in Albuquerque, who change some work around to have a ramp prepared for a 993’s arrival. The diagnosis is a inadequate injector, that can't be bound though a prolonged check available parts.

Anthony proposes that they spin off a offending injector and lift on to Palm Springs where a scheduled week-long layover will give them time to accept a tools and lift out a required fix. The devise works and a 911, down on energy though mostly leak-free, crawls delicately onwards, now versed with not one, though dual onboard glow extinguishers.

Route 66

A foreshortened track to Palm Springs still manages to take in Sedona and Route 66, a feverishness of a A/C-free automobile and a gloomy credentials sniff of petrol ever-present reminders that all is not wholly well. But a 993 ploughs on valiantly, climbing 3,500 ft into a Black Mountains, by a Mohave hollow to a shelter of Palm Springs. And a Official Porsche Centre (OPC) therein.

A week’s downtime in Palm Springs allows Anthony to palm over his automobile to Porsche for a full inspection. The OPC not usually sets about regulating a injector, though lends Anthony and Renée a smoothness miles Panamera as a pleasantness car. The contrariety in size, comfort and tech is astounding, and a ideal accompaniment to a week of luxury, feet adult by a pool, recharging their batteries for a highway ahead.

But as shortly as a 993 is banishment on all cylinders, and braggadocio ice-cold A/C during last, it’s behind out onto some of a best pushing roads in California. On a famous ‘Palms to Pines’ highway, a end for critical drivers from hundreds of miles around, they are quickly assimilated by another 993 and a Boxster GTS. Kindred Porsche spirits are everywhere.

Temperatures soar past 120 degrees in California and a A/C starts to play adult once again, causing tempers to ravel in a baking proportions of a 993’s cabin. Turning easterly towards Tuscon, a pushing is a consistent conflict with feverishness and dehydration, skimming a Mexican limit towards Texas. Saguaro and Big Bend inhabitant parks offer adult a daze of some-more severe driving, and a occasional brush with internal law enforcement, and as a day crack by, Texas bleeds in to Louisiana and a relations remit of New Orleans and a Mississippi.

Big Bend

It is covenant to a 22-year-old 993 and to Anthony and Renée’s attribute that both tarry a implausible ardours of transcontinental pushing in roughly unthinkable extremes of heat. By a time a span cranky from Alabama, by a Smokey Mountains, Tennessee and behind into South Carolina, they had driven an implausible 8,000 miles in reduction than dual months. And aside from one erring fuel injector, and an A/C complement with a mind of a own, a automobile has been faultless.


You can review a whole of Anthony and Renée’s blog here, where a span also offer recommendations on places to eat and stay opposite a whole route. It’s an useful beam and a drastic tale. Inspiration for us all…