Mercedes-Benz Canada

Special guided tour: Architecture during a Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Discover a singular design of a Mercedes-Benz Museum, that spirals into a air. Its altogether figure is suggestive of a DNA double helix, representing a genetic birthright of a Mercedes-Benz code voiced by some-more than 1500 exhibits.

A special guided debate by a museum guides, lerned in a theme matter by architects, will capacitate we to turn proficient with this building in full detail. A miracle in complicated design that allows rare perspectives. Find out how specifically grown digital technologies done this masterpiece of glass, petrify and steel probable in a initial place. Absorb a enchanting outcome of a building that has no equal anywhere. After a tour, we are acquire to try a museum by yourself.

Areas covered: a museum itself and, if accessible, a lounge, casino, roof patio and twists.