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Spectacular feat for Audi motorist di Grassi in Mexico City

A word from… Lucas di Grassi

We are utterly used to fightback drives from you, though was this a many illusory so far? 15th on a grid, final after dual laps and initial during a checker?

Lucas di Grassi: “Before we speak about my performance, we have to contend a large appreciate we to my group for this plan – it was bloody good. When a reserve automobile was deployed for a third time and we mislaid my advantage, we was quickly frustrated. Under normal resources we would have mislaid a race. But only like in Hong Kong: we never give up, we went to a extent on each lap. And in a finish it paid off. A unequivocally illusory win that will now be celebrated.”

What was a pivotal to victory?

“What really helped me were a battles behind me. And that Jérôme D’Ambrosio kept a chasing container busy. In a finish this is what sloping a balance, though though a third reserve automobile theatre we would never have indispensable this support.”

How did we conduct to expostulate 5 or 6 laps some-more with a appetite accessible than your rivals?

“A lot of work and copiousness of experience. After all I’ve been racing for a few years. In further of march lots of tough work with a team, for instance also simulations of such scenarios. We are really good during bettering to new circumstances. In Formula E we have to master this, since it is a one-day event. We demeanour what happens and conflict – and in a finish this is accurately what will be celebrated.”

Formula E now comes to Europe. The subsequent turn in Monaco is your home competition …

“Yes, a finish line is 100 meters from front door. We will quarrel and see what we can do. As distant as pristine speed is concerned, Renault is maybe a step ahead, though we are again in a improved situation. We’ll work even harder and try to make really few or no mistakes.”

– End –