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Speech Oliver Zipse, BMW Group Press Conference during a Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of
a Board of Management of BMW AG

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning and a really comfortable welcome!

Thank we for fasten us, it’s a good pleasure to be here.

Also a large “hello” to everybody examination on livestream.


At a BMW Group, we are always looking ahead, meditative about the
subsequent generations. What concerns a subsequent era many is climate
change. Therefore, it also concerns us during a BMW Group. That’s since we
are clearly committed to a Paris Agreement and a UN Global Compact
given 2001.


We are focusing on a question: Which technologies have a greatest
precedence to revoke tellurian hothouse gas emissions? This relates to
a automotive industry, though also to all other industries with a
CO2 footprint. For us, it’s about carrying a genuine outcome or
as we would contend in German, „Wirksamkeit“. And that means on a basis
of systematic trust and technical data. The determining cause is the
tangible grant to meridian protection.


A product can usually be eloquent if a patron wants it, desires it,
and uses it. Hence, we are focusing on: What will a business – who
are all adults of this universe – wish in a future? What kind of
drivetrains, technologies and services?

And how do we achieve, during a same time, a best outcome for meridian protection?


Here, during a stand, we will see a far-reaching operation of options for our
customers, since we trust in a appetite of choice – not usually today,
though also tomorrow.


Now, let’s take a demeanour during electric mobility: How will direct for
utterly electric vehicles rise in a subsequent decade in a vital world
regions? It will sojourn mixed, for utterly some time, due to the
differences in infrastructure, pushing distances and political
frameworks. Moreover, we pattern estimable expansion in a premium
shred adult to 2030.


The BMW Group is a tellurian company, and we are means to offer all
probable drivetrains, on stretchable and, also in some cases, on
purpose-built architectures.

That means:

• Conventional engines with benchmark opening in emissions

• Fully-electric and plug-in hybrids

• And in a future, also fuel-cell vehicles. 


Our coherence enables us to do all patron needs and be truly
customer-centric. This puts us in a really clever vital position to
tackle during a same time a hurdles of destiny mobility and meridian change.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are already right during a forefront of electro-mobility.

For example:

Here in Germany, no other automobile association has sole some-more electrified cars
in 2019 than a BMW Group. And in Norway, 3 out of each 4 BMW
Group vehicles sole are electric vehicles. Therefore, we are certain:
In dual years’ time, we will have sole over one million electrified vehicles.


Most importantly, for us, sustainability starts approach before customer
communication takes place. Our strength during a BMW Group has always been
how we conduct a whole value chain.


Take a BMW iX3, with a fifth era e-drive system:

• We will not use any singular earths in a eDrive.

• Our cobalt is purchased directly from mines in Australia and Morocco.

• And a electricity in prolongation is mostly lonesome by renewable
appetite sources. In Europe a prolongation is already CO neutral.


Electric vehicles can usually make a genuine grant to climate
insurance when a whole value sequence is sustainable.


As we have announced earlier, by 2023, we will have 25 electrified
models in a portfolio. Half of those will be entirely electric.
Alongside entirely electric vehicles, plug-in variety are an effective
approach to revoke emissions sustainably. They are a ideal resolution for
business who wish to expostulate emission-free in cities, and wish to have
palliate of mind for longer trips. Fuel dungeon record could also be a
genuine resolution for prolonged distances in a future, and of course, we are
operative on this intensively. In 2022, we will be rising a swift of
fuel dungeon vehicles.


Here, during a stand, we can see a BMW i Hydrogen NEXT Development
Vehicle. We pattern to see an boost in direct for this record in
a second half of a subsequent decade. And we will be prepared with an offer
for a customers, should they ask it.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

With us, innovative record has always been joined with romantic design.

Both of these prophesy vehicles, a iNEXT and M NEXT ideally embody
this principle. Moreover, today, we are gay to benefaction a world
premiere of a new pattern highlight. And now we would like to ask Adrian
outpost Hooydonk, a Head of BMW Group Design, to tell we some-more about
that. Thank you.


Adrian outpost Hooydonk,
Senior Vice President BMW
Group Design:

Presentation of a BMW Concept 4.


Oliver Zipse, Chairman of
a Board of Management of BMW AG

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These Concepts uncover a innovative strength of a BMW Group in
technologies, in pattern and in flexibility. The judgment for a new 4
series, here, will also be a basement for a destiny BMW i4, that will
be accessible starting in 2021. The BMW i4 will offer business a joy
of a sporty DNA, total with pristine electric power. Because we
trust in a appetite of choice: Diverse drivetrains, for diverse
customers, all over a world.


The BMW Group is a good company, with clever and fascinating brands.
And we am really unapproachable to lead this superb team. We are a
obliged corporate citizen. And we are really transparent about how we are
relocating forward. Furthermore, we will continue to enthuse a customers
over a subsequent generations with solutions that are customer-centric,
effective and purposeful. For us, this is a NEXT GEN.


Thank we for coming. And appreciate we to everybody examination online.