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Speeches BMW Group Press Conference „100 Years BMW Group“

Bill McAndrews


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I’d like to wish we all a unequivocally comfortable acquire to a Press Conference
here today.


Today’s discussion is all about one thing: this unequivocally special day and
a highlights of a centenary year. We won’t be looking during the
latest updates to a Strategy Number ONE today, as we’ll be
presenting these during a Annual Accounts Press Conference on 16 March.


At this point, concede me to extend a comfortable acquire to:

  • Our Chairman of a Board of Management , Harald Krüger,
  • The Head of BMW Group Design, Adrian outpost Hooydonk and
  • Maximilian Schöberl, Head of BMW Group Corporate Communications
    and Governance.


In a few moments, Mr Schöberl will take we by a various
activities and events scheduled for a centenary year. After that, Mr
Krüger will outline how we visualize destiny mobility in 2030 and
beyond. Mr outpost Hooydonk will uncover we how we are expressing our
visions for a future. And after that, we demeanour brazen to holding your questions.


So, let’s start with Maximilian Schöberl.


Maximilian Schöberl


Ladies and gentlemen,


Welcome to a press discussion here currently – a Centenary Press
Conference, we could say. The place where we are all sitting right
now is a hearth of a company. This categorical building once formed
partial of a initial ever BMW plant. The plant was built in 1918 for the
industrial-scale make of aero engines. This site is still
deliberate a iota of industrial BMW engine prolongation to this
unequivocally day. Now, roughly 100 years later, we are returning to a very
roots. This place will unequivocally shortly be a new home of BMW Group Classic.
Comprising 13,000 m² of space and in approach vicinity of a plant and
a BMW Museum, this is where we will benefaction a ancestral archive,
iconic car collection, and seminar and tools service.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Today’s press discussion is a initial central eventuality to be hold in
a mint BMW Group Classic building, and already we have put
together a preference of highlights from a final 100 years for we to
suffer today.




As we applaud a centenary, we will be deliberately looking
brazen rather than behind – during “THE NEXT 100 YEARS”. So, how
is a BMW Group going to applaud a 100th anniversary? Let me tell
we about a few highlights: Today’s rite in a Olympic Hall will
symbol a start of a centenary celebrations. It will be promote to
a BMW Group locations around a universe so that as many of our
associates as probable can watch a events unfold. Here in Munich, we
are awaiting around 35,000 associates from a plant, headquarters,
subsidiaries, sell outlets and branches to follow a eventuality from the
Allianz Arena. In addition, 300 associates from around a universe will
watch a eventuality live during a Olympic Hall itself – here as
member of their facilities. Today’s Centenary Event will be
a initial in a fibre of events that will be holding place throughout
2016, a anniversary year. Over a subsequent few months, we will be
presenting a array of destiny visions, to be denounced as partial of the
BMW Group World Tour, “Iconic Impulses”. This World Tour starts today
– in a Munich Olympic Hall and will after pierce on to Beijing, London
and Los Angeles. Starting in April, an muster about a future
will open in a ‘double cone’ structure of BMW Welt. It’s designed to
simulate a essence of a World Tour and will move destiny mobility
to life for visitors to experience. Later in a year, from 9 to 11
September, a good festival in a Munich Olympic Park will celebrate
a BMW brand. Employees, customers, partners, clients and friends of
a code will all be invited, along with a ubiquitous public, to
knowledge BMW in all a facets: from Classic, BMW i and BMW M, to
BMW Motorrad and Lifestyle.


Our centenary year will also be accompanied by a special exhibition
during a BMW Museum, and a inhabitant BMW Group debate involving print,
online and TV media, with discretionary adjustments for particular markets.
There is also an general BMW campaign. This will cover a full
operation of media and run in many of a markets around a world. Our
centenary communications will be dull off by a far-reaching operation of print
media and lifestyle collections, some of that will be accessible as
singular editions only.


I guarantee you, ladies and gentlemen: An sparkling year lies brazen –
with copiousness of highlights to demeanour brazen to!


Bill McAndrews


Thank we unequivocally much, Mr Schöberl.

Mr Krüger, would we like to take over?



Harald Krüger


Good morning ladies and gentlemen


… and a comfortable acquire from me as well. Today is a large day for a BMW
Group! … and we am gay that you’ve all come to see us here in
Munich. You’ve accompanied us for many years – so we would like to
appreciate we many unequivocally for your support. Today, in a universe of rapid
change, a association branch 100 years aged is truly special. What is it
that sets a BMW Group apart? Well, initial and foremost, it’s our
people – a people who have done a association what it is currently and
continue to heighten it: Our customers, associates, investors,
suppliers, dealers and many, many other partners as well. Every one of
them – not usually as people though also taken all together – adds to
a farrago that creates a association so unique. In my perspective there are
3 qualities that make a BMW Group unequivocally mount out:


  • Our ability to learn and adapt
  • Our aptitude for technological innovation
  • Our clarity of shortcoming toward society.


We have demonstrated on many occasions around a story that we
are able of training quick and holding confidant steps. … and it’s all
interjection to a associates. Our group has always been truly special: they
share a mindfulness for mobility and make it an constituent partial of
their lives. That’s since it was my personal wish to capacitate any and
each one a associates around a universe to join a inaugural
centenary jubilee around live-stream during their facility.


At a BMW Group, we are always on a query to find a improved solution.
It’s simply partial of a DNA. And it’s also a suggestion of our
cooperations, a steady thesis that permeates a corporate and
care culture. Over a final 100 years, countless confidant decisions
have supposing justification of a fact that: The BMW Group regularly
refocuses a business activities – and develops new strengths in the
process. In 1923, a Bayerische Motoren Werke began producing
motorcycles – and so transitioned from being an engine retailer to a
car manufacturer. Just 5 years later, a subsequent large change
happened: BMW purchased a car plant in Eisenach and became a motor
car manufacturer. Then, in 1990 we inaugurated a Research and
Innovation Centre, that we call ‘FIZ’. The set-up is ideal for
car growth projects. The building shortly came to epitomize the
ideal “structure of communication”. Over a years, FIZ became an
incubator for ideas, holding a innovative strength to wholly new
heights. FIZ is something we resolutely trust in – and that’s since we are
in a routine of expanding it. This year, we will lay a foundation
mill for FIZ Future. Moving ahead, we wish to sojourn a motorist of
creation – since for us, it’s a tradition.


In 1923, for instance, a unequivocally initial car – a mythological R 32 –
revolutionised motorcycle engineering. Unlike other manufacturers, who
propitious an engine to a bicycle, a R 32 reinvented a unequivocally thought of
a motorcycle. The whole judgment was regulating a engine as a starting
point. Then, in 2013 story steady itself: We became a first
automotive manufacturer to launch a array car recognised entirely
for electric mobility: a BMW i3. Our story proves a series of
points: We are able of reinventing ourselves whenever we need to.
We are able of moulding a future. And: We simulate on a actions
and take responsibility. Throughout a history, we have had our
perplexing times – and some chapters of a past are a means for a most
surpassing regret. 1983 saw a announcement of a book entitled “BMW –
eine Deutsche Geschichte” (BMW – A German History”). With this book,
we became a initial association in Germany to trigger an open discussion
about this dim section of a past. Since a 1990s, we have been
operative to support a series of projects compelling intercultural
bargain – some-more than 100 amicable and sourroundings projects in 42
opposite countries, in fact. We see ourselves as an constituent partial of society.


And to emphasize that point, we are serve building a activities
of a foundations. In a future, a dual stream BMW Group
foundations will combine to form a BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt The
volume of collateral a substructure owns will be increasing by €50 million
to a sum of €100 million. And a substructure will accept annual
donations from a BMW Group as well. Our concession for 2016 will
volume to another €5 million. Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten are
also ancillary a foundation’s initiatives with an additional €30
million. On tip of all this, a substructure is going to rise the
Eberhard von Kuenheim Fund, creation it a colonize in a margin of impact investing.


Ladies and gentlemen,


In a centenary year, we are deliberately looking not only behind but
initial and inaugural brazen – to a future: THE NEXT 100 YEARS. Nobody
knows what a subsequent 100 years will bring. But there is one thing we
can be certain of: Future mobility will bond each area of people’s
lives. And that’s where we see new opportunities for reward mobility.
To rise customised solutions, we need to see mobility within the
broader context of a individuals’ lives. That’s since a BMW Group
has grown a transparent prophesy of a future. I’d like to share a few
aspects of that with we right now. As we can see: Mobility is going
to diversify. In a future, people will wish entrance to a right
mobility resolution for their needs in any given situation. As a vehicle
producer, we need to rise a fuller bargain of mobility in all
a facets and residence a new points we discover. Connectivity is
apropos increasingly mainstream. Our technologies will learn to learn
from people. For a improved peculiarity of life, a BMW Group is going to
spin information into intelligence. Soon, a cars will be digital chauffeurs
and personal companions. They will expect what we wish to do and
make a lives easier for us. Transportation will turn a personal
knowledge that people will adore since it’s precisely a approach we
wish it to be. All of this forms partial of a holistic prophesy of future
mobility in 2030 and beyond. As always, a patron and their
personal knowledge will sojourn a concentration of what we do.


Ladies and gentlemen,


I resolutely trust that: Personal mobility is once again during a emergence of
a new and stirring era! And for a BMW Group, that epoch starts today:
The commencement of THE NEXT 100 YEARS!


Thank we unequivocally much!


Bill McAndrews


Harald Krüger, appreciate you.


We now come to a BMW VISION NEXT 100. Let me palm it over to Adrian
outpost Hooydonk.