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Sportier and some-more fit than ever interjection to state-of-the-art BMW eDrive Technology: a new BMW 330e Sedan.


Munich. Superior pushing dynamics and exemplary
potency are a pivotal characteristics of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan.
With a prolongation of a engine portfolio to embody a plug-in hybrid
system, these essential properties of a new sports sedan acquire an
additional and generally pioneering dimension. In a new BMW 330e
Sedan, a latest era of BMW eDrive Technology is total with
a 4-cylinder petrol engine to yield a poignant boost in sporty
aptitude as good as an even some-more exhilarated electrically powered driving
experience. The initial ever customary XtraBoost integrated in a BMW
indication temporarily increases a complement outlay of a plug-in hybrid
expostulate from 185 kW/252 hp with an serve of adult to 30 kW/41 hp. In
serve to impetuosity of response, this also increases the
electrical operation of a new BMW 330e Sedan as compared to the
prototype indication by 50 per cent. It is now probable to cover a
stretch of adult to 60 kilometres* on a locally emissions-free basis.
Fuel expenditure and glimmer total are reduced by some-more than 10 per
cent as compared to a prototype indication to adult to 1.7 litres* per 100
kilometres and adult to 39 grams* per kilometre.

In a new BMW 330e Sedan, cleverly tranquil interaction
between a electric engine and a explosion engine reaches a whole
new level. More than ever, a foundation of a powertrain
contributes not usually to augmenting potency though also to formulating a
particular form of pushing pleasure. The plug-in hybrid system
comprises a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine with BMW TwinPower
Turbo Technology and an outlay of 135 kW/184 hp along with an electric
engine that generates a continual outlay of 50 kW/68 hp and a peak
outlay of 80 kW/109 hp. Together, a dual expostulate units rise a system
outlay of 185 kW/252 hp along with a limit complement torque of 420 Nm.
As a result, a new BMW 330e Sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h
in 6.0 seconds. Its tip speed is 230 km/h. In HYBRID mode, a new BMW
330e Sedan is means to strech a speed of adult to 110 km/h when regulating on
electric appetite alone – 30 km/h faster than a prototype model. In
ELECTRIC mode, locally emissions-free motoring is even probable at
speeds of adult to 140 km/h – previously: 120 km/h.

One new underline of a new BMW 330e Sedan is a customary XtraBoost,
that gives a car a top turn of energetic performance. It
is easy to entrance by activating SPORT mode regulating a driving
knowledge switch. In sequence to support a explosion engine in
energetic pushing situations, a electric engine with XtraBoost
temporarily provides adult to 30 kW/41 hp – stored in a high-voltage
battery – in serve to a continual output. This creates a drive
characteristics accessible that are customary of a BMW 3 Series Sedan.
For a initial time in a BMW hybrid model, this includes an accelerator
pedal bend that offers both limit sporty aptitude and pointing along
with a specific changeable programme for a 8-speed Steptronic
delivery finish with stop downshifts. The additional XtraBoost
creates for a some-more exhilarated acceleration knowledge than in a
conventionally powered car with a allied engine output. The
XtraBoost can be used adult to a smallest assign standing of a high
voltage battery. It is also accessible for kickdown manoeuvres and in
a M/S position of a rigging selector lever.

The pushing knowledge is accompanied by a model-specific sound
pattern that includes rarely romantic engine acoustics inside the
vehicle, too. As such, a BMW 330e Sedan combines a clear sporty
and energetic course with a proven qualities of a plug-in hybrid
model. The hybrid-specific discretionary apparatus facilities of a new BMW
330e embody an acoustic walking insurance function.

The electric engine of a new BMW 330e Sedan is integrated in the
8-speed Steptronic delivery in sequence to save space. Due to its
intelligent design, a hybrid-specific delivery is usually 15
millimetres longer than a analogous versions for conventionally
powered models of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan. Power generation
achieves a quite high turn of potency by the
recuperation of braking energy, with a electric engine holding on the
duty of a generator. The electrical appetite fed into the
high-voltage battery in this approach or around tie to a appetite grid
also serves to supply a car electrical system. This means that a
generator powered by a explosion engine is no longer necessary,
thereby serve augmenting a potency of a complement as a whole.

With a sum appetite calm of 12.0 kWh, a lithium-ion high-voltage
battery in a new BMW 330e Sedan enables an electrically powered
operation of adult to 60 kilometres* – 50 per cent some-more than that of the
prototype model. Meanwhile, fuel expenditure and emissions figures
are reduced by 10 per cent in a second era of a plug-in
hybrid sports sedan. These now dump to adult to 1.7 litres of fuel per
100 kilometres* and adult to 39 grams of CO2 per kilometre*.

The high-voltage battery in a new BMW 330e Sedan is positioned
underneath a back seats, while a fuel tank is located above the
back axle. This means that luggage cell volume is usually slightly
singular in a plug-in hybrid model. The storage volume of 375
litres can be stretched as compulsory by means of a folding rear
backrest with 40 : 20: 40 split.

In addition, probably a whole operation of discretionary equipment
facilities for a new BMW 3 Series Sedan is accessible for a plug-in
hybrid. As alternatives to a simple version, a new BMW 330e also
comes in a indication variants Advantage, Sport Line, Luxury Line and M
Sport. Among other things it can be propitious with a Adaptive M
cessation including Variable Sports Steering and a M sports brake
system. The full programme of innovative motorist assistance systems to
optimise comfort and reserve is accessible – trimming from Driving
Assistant Professional with steering and line superintendence complement to park
partner including retreat assistant. The customary trim of a new
BMW 330e Sedan includes pre-heating and pre-conditioning of the
interior. Here a appetite of a high-voltage battery is also used to
appetite a auxiliary heating. At low outside temperatures, a interior
can also be conveniently exhilarated before to environment off – even if the
battery assign standing is low.For a marketplace launch of a new BMW 330e
Sedan in summer 2019, new digital services will be presented which
make it some-more appealing and accessible to assign a battery while out
and about. When selecting a open charging station, a navigation
complement also provides a motorist with a list of endorsed nearby
hotels, restaurants, cafés, traveller attractions and cultural
institutions. Charging hire accessibility can also be checked using
a car arrangement and handling system. The motorist receives the
information along with a foresee of a occupancy standing of the
open charging hire during a time of arrival. In addition, selected
charging stations can be indifferent for a singular duration in a future.


Note: All total relating to pushing performance, fuel consumption.
emissions and operation that seem in this press folder are provisional.

The total for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power
expenditure are distributed formed on a dimensions methods stipulated
in a stream chronicle of Regulation (EU) 2007/715. The information is
formed on a car with simple apparatus in Germany; ranges take into
comment differences in circle and tyre distance comparison as good as
discretionary apparatus and can change during configuration.

The sum noted * have already been distributed formed on a new
WLTP exam cycle and blending to NEDC for comparison purposes. In these
vehicles, opposite total than those published here might request for
a comment of taxes and other vehicle-related duties that are
(also) formed on CO2 emissions.

For serve sum of a central fuel expenditure total and
central specific CO2emissions of new cars, greatfully impute to
a “Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and
appetite expenditure of new cars”, accessible during sales outlets, from
Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760
Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and during