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Start of 2015 compensate negotiations during Volkswagen


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Chief adjudicator Rosik: “Competitiveness contingency not be jeopardized”

The negotiating committees of Volkswagen AG and a IG Metall trade kinship met currently in Hanover for a start of compensate negotiations. The personality of a Volkswagen committee, Martin Rosik, Head of Human Resources of a Volkswagen Passenger Car brand, said: “There is flourishing doubt in many regions of a world. Risks that were already apparent during a 2013 compensate negotiations have turn some-more pronounced. We also face new risks in 2015. As a result, it is some-more critical than ever before to safeguard that a competitiveness is not jeopardized. A reasonable compensate allotment is essential.”

“In many regions, a domestic and mercantile conditions is apropos increasingly unstable. Countries such as Russia, Brazil or Argentina are in crisis. And serious sell rate fluctuations are also creation a business some-more difficult,” pronounced Rosik. “We have explained a research to IG Metall and have offering to rise a right answers to a conditions together with a worker representatives.”

Rosik described a conditions in Europe, Volkswagen’s domestic market, as follows: “Unemployment continues to subdue a mood of consumers in Southern Europe. New newcomer automobile registrations in Western Europe are as low as they were 20 years ago.” He combined that some-more and some-more investment in future-oriented technologies was required. “And Asian manufacturers continue to enter a marketplace aggressively – with cars that they can make in a Far East or Central and Eastern Europe during most reduce labor losses than is probable during a German plants.”

Rosik stated: “Volkswagen will continue to make cars in Germany in a future. We can usually be successful if we find a right solutions together. More than ever before, this means that we need to keep costs underneath control.”

The common agreement of Volkswagen AG relates to about 115,000 employees during a Wolfsburg, Brunswick, Hanover, Salzgitter, Emden and Kassel plants as good as Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Negotiations are due to continue on Feb 12, 2015.