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State of a art technology: 3D measuring record for limit pointing in a BMW M4 DTM.

Munich. The motorsport dialect during BMW has prolonged worked hand
in palm with array growth – and this stays a box for the
peculiarity controls on a newly-constructed BMW M4 DTM for a 2017
season. BMW Motorsport uses a same cutting-edge 3D measuring
record that is practical to prolongation models during a BMW Group
Plant Munich.


As if by magic, a dual robotic arms work their approach adult and down the
new BMW M4 DTM, scanning a framework and all a aerodynamic
components millimetre by millimetre to emanate a ideal 3D indication –
entirely automated. This modernized measure complement was used for the
initial time in a growth of a new BMW 5 Series. It has now also
been used extensively by a engineers during BMW Motorsport.


Down to a final detail.

The fully-automated, visual measure dungeon – a usually one of its
kind –provides a ideal peculiarity control after a public of a
competition car. With such a worldly automobile as a BMW M4 DTM, that is
fabricated totally by hand, it is critical that all a measure are
celebrated and implemented correctly. This is to safeguard that a complex
aerodynamics work as designed and tested though also to belong particularly to
all a specifications in a regulations. The visual measurement
dungeon is a ideal apparatus for this charge as it works incredibly
accurately and saves a lot of time compared to prior procedures.”


In array like a DTM, all measurements per a cars are
regulated right down to a accurate millimetre. Any discrepancies from
a measure specified can outcome in penalties as serious as
suspension of a automobile in question. This creates it imperative
that, even as early as a growth stage, measurements contingency be accurate.


Measurement precision: 100 micrometres.

The pattern of a state-of-the-art measuring dungeon facilities two
robotic arms, that can pierce openly and can both pierce laterally along
a automobile on rails. This set-up allows a coexisting use of two
small, stretchable robots, any versed with dual sensors, in a
comparatively tiny space. Compared to prior procedures, in which
robots were usually ever means to hoop one side of a automobile during a time,
and usually with one sensor, a measurements now take roughly half the
time and are finished within a matter of days.


The sensors initial record anxiety points and afterwards indicate individual
fields of about 80 x 80 cm in size. Based on these measurements, a
mechanism afterwards automatically creates a three-dimensional picture of the
whole car, that can be compared with a pattern plans. This way,
probable differences, tolerances and a smallest of discrepancies can
be identified. The measure correctness is underneath 100 micrometres,
roughly a density of one tellurian hair. Because a measuring dungeon is
entirely automated, it is also probable to perform inspections outside
customary operative hours, to accept formula as fast as probable and
potentially benefit a essential corner over a opposition.


3D measure of a BMW M4 DTM prisoner on film.

We have available a 3D measure of a new BMW M4 DTM. You can
perspective a video here:


You can perspective the time-lapse video with this link: