Audi Canada

Statement on Audi’s discussions with a US environmental authorities EPA and CARB

The latest discussions focused on a notice of defilement of November 2, in that Audi was sensitive that AECDs (Auxiliary Emission Control Devices) were not amply described and announced in a concentration for US form approval. That will now be finished with a updated program and a documentation.

Audi has reliable that 3 AECDs were not announced in a context of a US capitulation documentation. One of a AECDs relates to a heat conditioning of a exhaust‑gas cleaning system. The other dual AECDs are for a deterrence of deposits on a Ad-Blue metering valve and of HC poisoning of a SCR matter with unburnt hydrocarbons. One of them is regarded as a better device according to germane US law. Specifically, this is a program for a heat conditioning of a exhaust-gas cleaning system.

Audi has concluded with a environmental authorities on serve stairs of team-work in that a petrify measures to be taken will be specified. The association has committed to continue auxiliary transparently and fully. The concentration will be on anticipating quick, basic and customer-friendly solutions. The intentional sales stop for models with a V6 TDI diesel engine, that a 3 influenced Group brands had provisionally motionless upon, has been extended until serve notice.

This engine was grown by Audi and is used in a Audi US models A6, A7, A8, Q5 and Q7 from indication year 2009 onwards. Volkswagen uses a engine in a Touareg and Porsche has used it in a Cayenne given indication year 2013. All influenced models continue to be protected and roadworthy.