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Statements BMW Group Press Conference, Geneva International Motor Show

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Nicki Shields,
Good morning everybody and acquire to a 89th Geneva
International Motor Show and a biggest year nonetheless for BMW with so many
new launches holding place right here, right now.


BMW has millions of fans all over a world, lots examination right now
on amicable media (hello!) and so we motionless that business and fans
should also have a possibility to make their voice listened during a Geneva
International Motor Show. So, underneath a motto, “Ask a CEO”, online
fans and supporters have been seeking all sorts of questions regarding
a destiny of mobility. And who improved to answer those questions, (the
idea is in a title), than a CEO himself!


Harald Krüger, Chairman of
a Board of Management of BMW AG

Hi Nicki. It’s good to see you.


Nicki Shields:
Harald, some-more than one hundred people posted questions to we and today
we’re going to take a demeanour during some of them. Autonomous pushing is
now one of a defining topics in a automobile industry, and Mikkel
would like to know how we will figure a destiny of autonomous
electric vehicles.


Harald Krüger: We are
operative full speed on these destiny technologies. We already
determined an open growth height during a unconstrained driving
campus nearby Munich. Last week, we went one step further.


We announced a team-work with Daimler for a subsequent era of
unconstrained driving. We both share a perspective that patron reserve is our
comprehensive tip priority.


Nicki Shields: Many
people asked: Are we going to rest wholly on electric cars from now on?


Harald Krüger: Our
destiny is unequivocally electric. We are unequivocally unapproachable to be a overall
marketplace personality for electrified vehicles in Europe. We will offer
electrified cars in all segments.


The unequivocally renouned BMW X3 is a initial indication we will offer with three
opposite powertrains: plug-in hybrid, fully-electric, and inner combustion.


Nicki Shields: You
have pronounced that we will offer during slightest 25 electrified models by 2025,
including 12 fully-electric, is that right?


Harald Krüger: Yes,
absolutely. This year, we are unequivocally picking adult a gait with a MINI
Electric. And for BMW, a iX3 in 2020, afterwards a i4 in 2021, as well
as a new creation leader, a iNEXT. By a finish of subsequent year, we
will have launched some-more than 10 new and upgraded electrified models.


Nicki Shields: Many
of a questions were also about charging infrastructure, including
this one from Milan. So what is BMW doing to support and grow this area?

Harald Krüger: A good
charging infrastructure is essential and we are concerned in many
efforts to urge this. One of them is CHARGE NOW. Customers benefit
from entrance to one of a world’s largest and fastest flourishing public
charging networks – with over 100,000 charging points in 25 countries.


Nicki Shields: On
that topic: we trust we have some news to share?


Harald Krüger: From
currently until a finish of a Geneva International Motor Show – CHARGE
NOW business in Europe can charge
for free.


This is a appreciate we to those who share a passion and are already
pushing electric.


Nicki Shields: Wow,
that’s good news! No assign for charging! Thanks BMW. That’s a real
pointer of fasten to electro-mobility. Thank we Harald Krüger!


As we heard, BMW is rolling out many some-more new electrified models. At
a same time, they are expanding their offer in a high-end segment.
Let’s take a look.


Adrian outpost Hooydonk,
Senior Vice President BMW
Group Design:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!


In a past 12 months BMW has launched 6 new models, some-more than ever
before in such a brief timeframe. We have launched cars like a new 3
Series, a X5, a Z4 and of march a 8.


With a pattern of these cars we have totally remade a look
and feel of a brand. We have done any automobile stronger in character
while shortening a series of pattern elements.


The side views are clean, usually one pivotal underline line that is sharper
and some-more accurate than ever before. Today here in Geneva, we are
arrangement a new tip finish of a BMW brand: The X7 and a new 7! As
such, these cars need to have participation and artistic pattern details.
Slim headlamps in LED and laser record interconnected with a vertically
oriented griddle emanate a complicated and grave presence.


In a rear, we have combined unequivocally slim and sculptural tail lamps
connected by a chrome frame and in a box of a new 7 that chrome
frame lights adult to emanate a singular night signature for a flagship.


In a interior, we are shortening a volume of switches as a cars
turn some-more intelligent. The user interface in a 7th era now
allows for some-more voice and hold submit as good as a some-more personal
pattern by a customer. The tough keys that we do have are
grouped in dual islands and executed in pleasing materials like
aluminium and glass.


Of course, a comfort in these vehicles is during a top turn as
is a peculiarity of a leather and a stitching. With a new 7, the
X7 and of march a 8, BMW is lifting a bar in terms of complicated luxury.


Ladies and gentlemen,

That mutation of BMW towards a oppulance tech code will continue
in 2019. So greatfully stay tuned for some-more pattern news via a year!


Thank we unequivocally much!


Nicki Shields: Thank
we Adrian. The enlargement of a oppulance and electric automobile range
continues during a BMW Group. Please acquire Pieter Nota, who will join
to tell us more…


Hi Pieter, it’s good to see we again. One of a questions on social
media fits unequivocally good here… Diana asks “How do we safeguard to be a
tolerable association while still charity oppulance products”?


Pieter Nota, Member of the
Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group:

The new BMW 7 plug-in hybrid is a ideal instance that oppulance and
sustainability go palm in hand.


I was a initial hour BMW ActiveHybrid patron behind in 2010. And I’m
gay that a plug-in hybrid record has been developed
serve and a electrified operation is now some-more than adequate for my daily
trips to work and back.


Nicki Shields:
Pieter, many of a questions that were asked online were regarding
hybrid technology… Harald Hohmann asks: “Do we wish to pull some-more BMW
entirely electric models on a marketplace or will BMW also deposit in plug-in hybrids”?


Pieter Nota: We focus
on both entirely electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to fit various
patron needs. Plug-in variety are a ideal resolution for people
who wish to mix 0 internal glimmer pushing in a city and longer
trips but carrying to recharge. They yield a approach to quickly
urge atmosphere peculiarity in civic areas. Hybrid record unequivocally has
a place. Today we are creation a transparent matter about that.


Now, ladies and lady – a universe premiere of 4 new BMW
plug-in hybrid models.


Pieter Nota: Today we
are presenting a fourth era of plug-in hybrid powertrains,
with high-voltage batteries that concede for adult to 80 km fully-electric range.

For a unequivocally initial time, we are presenting a BMW X3 as a plug-in
hybrid. As we have announced, subsequent year we will launch the
all-electric iX3.


The BMW X3 is one of a best-selling models worldwide and customers
will be means to select a expostulate sight record that best suits
their needs. This is what we call a loyal customer-centric approach!


In further to these 4 models, a 2 and 5 Series plug-in hybrids
also have some-more electric operation interjection to a new battery technology.


And there’s good news for 5 Series fans: The BMW 5 Series plug-in
hybrid will shortly be accessible worldwide with BMW xDrive.


Ladies and gentlemen,

With a enlargement of a line-up, we will offer business a plug-in
hybrid in each segment. By a finish of this year – we will offer a
sum of 10 plug-in hybrid vehicles. All of this underlines a deep
fasten to tolerable electric mobility.


Nicki Shields: Pieter
it was good to hear about a swell BMW is creation in e-mobility
and to see a new plug-in hybrids.


Let’s not forget, as good as on a roads, BMW is also regulating its
eDrive record and expertise in a universe of electric motorsport,
with a group in a all-electric Formula E. The automobile is on arrangement over
on my right, and a group will be racing on a streets of Hong Kong
this weekend – Good luck!


Thank we so most to all a fans for examination and your questions –
all a questions will be answered online after. Thank we everyone
for fasten us currently – we wish we a unequivocally sparkling and successful
Geneva International Motor Show!