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Strong gains for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce again in Mar ++ One million BMW 1 Series sole given marketplace launch in 2004

BMW Group with sales expansion of 13.8% in initial quarter

Strong gains for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce again in March
One million BMW 1 Series sole given marketplace launch in 2004

Munich. The BMW Group increasing sales by 13.8% percent in a initial quarter: A sum of 315,614 (prev. yr. 277,264) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce code automobiles were delivered to business worldwide.

The companys sales volumes rose 12.1% in Mar to strech a sum of 141,701 (prev. yr. 126,381) vehicles. All 3 brands done clever gains: Sales of BMW code vehicles climbed 12.7% to 117,696 (prev. yr. 104,423) units in a month underneath review. MINI delivered 23,880 vehicles in Mar (prev. yr. 21,888 / +9.1%), while Rolls-Royce automobiles were presented to 125 customers
(prev. yr. 70 /+78.6%) final month.

Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing: We are behind on a expansion lane in scarcely all a vehicle markets. We had a good initial entertain with a sales boost of 13.8%. We intend to continue improving on final years sum via a second entertain interjection not slightest to a new BMW 5 Series Sedan and new models such as a 3 Series Coup and Convertible. Robertson added: For 2010 as a whole, we are aiming for healthy expansion in a single-digit percent operation to strech some-more than 1.3 million vehicles.

The BMW Group done gains in roughly all vehicle markets in a initial quarter. The association achieved new quarterly annals not usually in a rising BRIC countries of Brazil (1,658 / +131.2%), Russia (4,668 / +11.6%), India (1,314 / +32.5%) and China (34,179 / +106.1%), though also in Austria (3,589 / +23.1%), South Korea (3,517 / +65.8%) and Malaysia (967 / +14.0%), as good as in a Latin American markets (4,173 / +71.0% – including Brazil) and a Middle East (3,908 / +13.1%).

Despite a altogether downward marketplace trend, a BMW Group was a usually German manufacturer to also make gains in a largest singular market, Germany, where it stretched a marketplace share. With a sum of 56,617 (prev. yr. 55,837) vehicles sole in a nation in a initial 3 months of a year, there were 1.4% some-more new BMW and MINI registrations than in a same duration final year.
In a United States, a association posted a 7.4% boost in volumes, with sales of 55,051
(prev. yr. 51,244) vehicles between Jan and March. Substantial increases were also seen in other pivotal markets: For instance, in a United Kingdom sales climbed 13.8% to 34,327
(prev. yr. 30,165) units; in France sales were adult 5.2% to 14,462 (prev. yr. 13,745) units; and in Spain sales were 37.4% aloft during 10,374 (prev. yr. 7,549) units.

Once again a BMW brands incomparable indication array a BMW 7 Series with 14,245
(prev. yr. 9,246 /+54.1%) deliveries and a BMW X5 and X6 models with sum sum deliveries of 33,723 (prev. yr. 30,784 /+9.5%) vehicles contributed to first-quarter sales gains. Another pivotal expansion motorist in a initial 3 months of a year was a BMW Z4 Roadster with 6,461
(prev. yr. 1,563 / +313.4%) deliveries. All 3 indication array remained a transparent tellurian marketplace leaders in their sole segments.
With a million units constructed given a launch in 2004, a BMW 1 Series is another pushing force behind a expansion of a worlds heading manufacturer of reward automobiles. In a initial entertain of 2010, this compress indication array with 4 physique variants reported an boost in sales of 2.4% to strech a sum of 47,909 (prev. yr. 46,798) units. What is traditionally BMWs highest-volume series, a BMW 3 Series, accessible 91,619 (prev. yr. 89,468 / +2.4%) sales in a duration underneath review.

Ian Robertson: New orders for a dual newly launched X1 and 5 Series Sedan models are looking really good simply surpassing a already high expectations. We are also really gratified with a marketplace response to a new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. No fewer than 19,657 BMW X1 and 4,484 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo were delivered to business during a initial 3 months of a year. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan has been accessible in Europe given late Mar and will launch in a US in June. Initial deliveries of a new BMW 5 Series Touring and a new MINI Countryman will start in a autumn of 2010 hence sales are approaching to serve boost in a second half of a year in particular. Revised models of a BMW 3 Series Coup and Convertible, accessible to business given late March, will yield additional momentum.

The categorical expansion motorist for a MINI code in a initial entertain was a MINI Convertible, that delivered a strongest expansion with 5,954 (prev. yr. 1,878) sales worldwide (+217.0%). Considerably some-more business chose a MINI Ones Hatch and Clubman variants than in a same duration final year, with a sum of 12,302 units (prev. yr. 6,889 / +78.6%) sold.

The BMW Motorcycle shred clearly exceeded final years sales in a initial 3 months of this year: Sales were 20.9% aloft during 20,840 units (17,232). In Mar 2010, 11,541 motorcycles an boost of 26.8% – were delivered to business (prev. yr . 9,100).

BMW Group sales in/up to Mar 2010 during a glance

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