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Strong sequence intake in Europe, substantial decrease in Brazil

The blurb car and automatic engineering actor MAN is posting some-more orders again. The initial 3 months of mercantile 2015, however, paint a churned design from segment to region. Whereas direct for blurb vehicles in Europe bounced behind significantly, a marketplace conditions in Brazil continued to deteriorate. In Central and Southern Europe a mercantile liberation continued and expansion also picked adult again. In contrast, a mercantile sourroundings in Eastern Europe was badly influenced by a Ukraine conflict. There are no signs of a liberation nonetheless in Brazil and a conditions there stays strained.

Against this backdrop, a MAN Group’s sequence intake in a initial 3 months of 2015 was €3.8 billion, adult somewhat on a prior-year figure (€3.7 billion). Orders in a Commercial Vehicles business area were roughly on a turn with a prior year, during €2.8 billion. While MAN Truck Bus managed to lift a European blurb vehicles business orders by 12% to €2.5 billion, sequence intake during MAN Latin America roughly halved to €290 mil-lion as a outcome of a decrease in a marketplace sourroundings in Brazil. The economy of South America’s largest nation shrank, and this outcome was exacerbated by a purgation measures introduced by a government. In addition, blurb car business could usually entrance statesubsidized financing on reduction auspicious terms.

The Power Engineering business area requisitioned orders value €1.0 billion, adult approximately 9% on a prior-year period. MAN Diesel Turbo’s orders rose by 5% to €0.8 billion, and Renk carried sequence intake to €164 million. This boost is attributable to dual vital orders during any of MAN Diesel Turbo and Renk.

The MAN Group posted sales income of €3.1 billion in a initial quarter, roughly on a turn with a prior year. The figure was some-more or reduction unvaried in both a Commercial Vehicles and a Power Engineering business areas. MAN Latin America saw sales income decrease from €570 mil-lion in a prior year to €290 million and section sales separate to a good 6,000 vehicles. Sales income during MAN Truck Bus rose by 13% to €2.0 billion in a initial entertain of 2015. MAN Diesel Turbo generated sales income of €0.7 billion in a initial 3 months of a stream mercantile year, while a figure for Renk was €106 million.

The MAN Group’s handling distinction in a initial entertain was €34 million, down €34 million on a initial entertain of 2014 as a outcome of a conditions in Brazil.

Although MAN Truck Bus carried handling distinction from €11 million to €28 million, MAN Latin America posted an handling detriment of €12 million in a duration underneath examination compared with an handling distinction of €32 million in a prior year. As a result, handling distinction in a Commercial Vehicles business area declined from €42 million to €11 million. The Power Engineering business area generated an handling distinction of €52 million after €47 million in a analogous prior-year quarter. This boost is essentially attributable to a sea diesel engine business. MAN Diesel Turbo’s handling distinction rose to €39 million, while during Renk it was €13 million.

The MAN Group available an handling lapse on sales of 1.1% and a detriment after taxation of €10 million in a initial 3 months of 2015, after a distinction of €28 million in a prior year.

The Executive Board of MAN SE is progressing a opinion for full-year 2015 and expects a MAN Group’s sales income to be on a turn with a prior year and that handling distinction will sojourn stable. The handling lapse on sales will sojourn during roughly a 2014 figure.