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Strong display in BMW M6 GT3 goes unrewarded: bad fitness for Schubert Motorsport, António Félix da Costa and Jesse Krohn in Spielberg.

Spielberg (AT), 24th Jul 2016. Retirements in both races, by no
error of their own: a clever opening in a BMW M6 GT3 by BMW DTM
motorist António Félix da Costa (PT), BMW Motorsport Junior Jesse Krohn
(FI) and a Schubert Motorsport organisation went unrewarded on a fourth
competition weekend in a ADAC GT Masters during a Red Bull Ring in Spielberg (AT).


Félix da Costa done his GT entrance as a guest motorist in a Schubert
Motorsport BMW M6 GT3. Together with Krohn, he delivered a convincing
opening on both competition days yet their races finished early on both occasions.


Krohn posted a second-fastest time in subordinate on Saturday.
However, due to a suspension a automobile was not means to start on
a front row. They had to start a competition from a behind of a grid.
Krohn and Félix da Costa mounted a good plea and clawed back
some-more than 20 places to pierce adult to ninth. The BMW M6 GT3 was strike by
another automobile and shop-worn so badly that Félix da Costa had to aim for
a pits and late from a race.


On Sunday, a Portuguese motorist claimed a good fourth place in his
initial GT subordinate session. He shielded this position in a race
until he was strike by a competitor, a collision that incited him off the
track. Félix da Costa re-joined a margin in seventh and changed adult one
place before handing a BMW M6 GT3 over to Krohn in sixth position.
However, a not-at-fault collision had shop-worn a clutch. Shortly
after holding over behind a wheel, Krohn had to park in a gravel
trap due to purchase problems.


The fifth competition weekend in a ADAC GT Masters takes place from 5th to
7th Aug during a Nürburgring (DE).


Torsten Schubert (Schubert Motorsport Team
“It is a contrition that we didn’t get a formula we
had hoped for this weekend. Jesse and António did unequivocally good to catch
adult on Saturday. We could have scored some points even yet we
started from a back. On Sunday, António achieved unequivocally good in
qualifying. The fact that this was his initial weekend in a BMW M6 GT3
creates this opening all a some-more impressive. He was usually eight
hundredths of a second divided from stick position. A place in a leading
container would have been probable in a competition itself, and maybe even a
lectern finish. But sadly it was not to be and we were not rewarded for
a tough work.”


António Félix da Costa: “First of all we wish to say
that it was a unequivocally good knowledge to expostulate a BMW M6 GT3 for the
initial time. we had a good feeling in a automobile and we wish to appreciate the
organisation who unequivocally helped me to get adult to speed fast, and also Jesse. On
Sunday, we had a good outcome within reach. Qualifying went really
good and during a competition we were unresolved on to a organisation during a front
and in a center of a fight. Unfortunately, afterwards a motorist behind
mislaid control of a automobile – apparently due to a forsake – and strike me,
deleterious a car. we stayed on lane as we were still using in
seventh, that would have been good points, yet we could feel that the
purchase solemnly started to fail. And after we handed a automobile to Jesse,
a purchase did not work anymore. we feel unequivocally contemptible for a whole team
since they worked unequivocally tough and it would have been good to give them
a result. we consider a lectern would have been probable as Jesse would
have been unequivocally clever in a second stint. So we am unhappy now
yet during a same time we had a lot of fun.”


Jesse Krohn: “Unfortunately all we had this weekend
was bad luck. There was zero we could do. On Saturday we were hit
when we were on march for points, on Sunday a purchase was damaged
when a BMW M6 GT3 was strike again. It unequivocally is a shame. It was really
good to share a cockpit with António. He is a unequivocally professional
and discerning driver. we unequivocally enjoyed to share a automobile with him.”