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Strong Superpole and bad fitness in Saturday’s competition for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK group during Portimão.

Portimão. Saturday during Portimão (POR) was a day of mixed
feelings for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK team. After a strong
opening in Superpole with second place for Tom Sykes (GBR) and
ninth for Markus Reiterberger (GER), a afternoon’s competition did not go
to plan. Reiterberger crossed a finish line in twelfth place, with
Sykes usually behind in 13th position. Portimão is hosting
a tenth turn of a FIM Superbike World Championship 2019 (WorldSBK).


Sykes was means to make good use of a faster subordinate tyres during
a final mins of Superpole, environment what was afterwards a best time –
with a new path record of 01:40.483 minutes. It was usually Kawasaki rider
Jonathan Rea (GBR) who managed to go one improved and explain pole
position. Sykes claimed a second mark on a front row. Reiterberger
also reached a tip 10 in Superpole, finishing ninth.


Sykes primarily forsaken behind after a start of a competition though stayed
in a heading organisation that was battling for lectern positions, however
a British supplement fell on path 8 out of 20. He was means to remount
and continued a competition on his RR in 15th place. He
proceeded to pierce adult dual places to 13th during the
remaining laps. Reiterberger also mislaid a few places after a start.
He afterwards gave a plain competition performance, channel a line in twelfth position.


Quotes after competition one during Portimão.


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“Both riders did unequivocally good in Superpole. Tom obviously
done a good path with his qualifier and second position was fantastic.
Markus hold on to a third quarrel of a grid in ninth that again was a
plain opening from him. The competition was difficult. Tom got divided well,
he was in a genuine clever organisation and he was faster on some tools of the
circuit while he was slower in other parts. The places where he was
struggling on speed was where a flitting places were during a finish of
a start-finish straight. He suffered badly for that and he was
major and since of that he mislaid a front. But he took a good
preference to get behind on a bike and finish a competition to collect some
data. He scored some-more points though many critical we got good information for
tomorrow. Markus’ start was not so bad though afterwards he got sucked in and
forsaken dual places into a initial corner. From that position it was a
waste competition for him and as a competition tyre disintegrates as a laps go
on he got slower and this unfortunately was a position he finished.
But we will analyse today’s data, work hard, ready for tomorrow and
hopefully secure places in a dual front rows in a Superpole Race.”


Markus Reiterberger: “Superpole was unequivocally great.
With a SC-X tyres we managed to strech a tip 5 for a time before
finale adult in seventh before everybody had put on their qualifying
tyres. we was afterwards means to record a quick second path after a initial one
with a subordinate tyres. That was a ideal lap. we had approaching to
be on a second quarrel though it was ninth place in a end. we was usually two
and a half tenths of a second off fourth place. The start went well
adequate though we strike a initial dual gears too early and that meant that the
other riders were means to out-accelerate me. Then we rode my competition and
struggled a bit with a problems that are still holding us back
somewhat. we finished twelfth, that was usually bashful of my aim of a top
10 position, though we will see if we can find something to assistance me do a
bit improved tomorrow.”


Tom Sykes: “Overall, it’s a contrition since we have
found a good set-up for a BMW S 1000 RR and we’ve been really
unchanging via use and also in Superpole. We had a very
clever outcome and usually missed stick position by usually one tenth. So this
was good though unfortunately during a competition a set-up was unequivocally good
to float when I’m on my possess though when we was with a other guys the
character of roving had to change a bit. And while we have a good set-up
we still skip a small bit of straight-line performance. On a possess we
are not too bad though unfortunately we got held out roving with the
guys and usually this slight change in character caused me losing a front
when we expelled a brake. we was a small bit unhappy though it was
a large doctrine learned. Now we will work on that and change a set-up
for tomorrow to conflict again.”