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Style & Technology Drive Fiesta to #1 in Europe For Three Years Running

Europeans are famous as zealous curators of cutting-edge character and modernized technology, so it usually creates clarity that a Ford Fiesta is a best offered tiny automobile in Europe for a third year in a row.

Already enamoured with Fiesta’s graphic multiple of performance, pattern and personalized record features, European business were generally fervent to get behind a circle of a 1.0-litre EcoBoost indication final year. 2014 also saw EcoBoost named a International Engine of a Year for an considerable third uninterrupted year .

Fiesta’s flourishing participation on European roads means some sparkling changes during a Fiesta public plant in Cologne, Germany. In Feb 2015, a plant will boost prolongation by 300 units a day to 1,850 to accommodate a flourishing direct for a Fiesta in a European market.

If we wish to find out what all a hype in Europe is about, check out a Fiesta for yourself and tell us how you’d give it a character all your own.


Fiesta is No. 1 in Europe