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Success Story: ŠKODA and Volkswagen Celebrate 25-Year Partnership

The foundations of an indication success story were laid 25 years ago. The partnership between a Volkswagen Group and a Czech carmaker began on 16 Apr 1991. From that indicate on, a normal Czech code developed from being a informal marketplace personality to an internationally successful vehicle manufacturer. In a participation of Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller and Jaroslav Povšík, conduct of trade kinship KOVO MB, ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier commemorated this superb miracle in a company’s 121-year story today. Around 500 guest from politics, economy and multitude took partial in a anniversary celebrations during a Laurin Klement Forum of a ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav.

“ŠKODA is one of a longest-established carmakers in a universe that has been essay an indication success story over a past entertain century interjection to a clever team,” pronounced ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier, adding: “What began as a one-series writer with annual sales of 170,000 in a early 90s has given developed into an internationally rival vehicle association with 6 indication lines and over 40 versions. Nowadays, ŠKODA produces over one million cars per year during 14 prolongation sites on dual continents, offered products in over 100 markets. The good partnership between ŠKODA and Volkswagen and a fit and rarely encouraged workforce have paved a approach for this indication development.”

“Supporting a fast economy, attracting new investments and formulating new jobs are among a priorities of a supervision coalition. ŠKODA AUTO has turn one of a drivers of a Czech economy over a past 25 years. The supervision recently upheld a enlargement of a Solnice-Kvasiny industrial section in a Hradec Králové region. ŠKODA AUTO will be investing 7.2 billion crowns into a plcae and formulating some-more than 2000 new jobs by 2018. This investment also underlines a fact that ŠKODA AUTO is one of a many critical investors and employers in a Czech Republic. we wish a association fast and successful expansion over a entrance years,” says Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

By 1990 several vehicle manufacturers from Western Europe and abroad had voiced their seductiveness in a normal brand, founded in 1895, to a Czech government, who eventually motionless in foster of merging ŠKODA with Volkswagen. Europe’s largest vehicle writer was seeking a vital partnership with a normal Czech brand, and welcomed a rarely trained, artistic and fit workforce. Craftsmanship and engineering imagination had always been among a Czechs’ strengths. On 28 Mar 1991, Czech Industry Minister Jan Vrba and Dr. Carl Hahn as CEO of Volkswagen sealed a agreement on a inclusion of a afterwards ‘ŠKODA automobilová akciová společnost’ in a Volkswagen Group. On Apr 16, 1991, a request came into force. As a result, a Group gradually increasing a share before apropos a solitary owners of a corner batch association ŠKODA AUTO on 30 May, 2000.

“ŠKODA and Volkswagen paint a European success story. 25 years ago, ŠKODA was a association with a prolonged tradition and good potential. Today, ŠKODA is a Czech Republic’s heading exporter, and one of a many energetic automotive brands in a world,” says Volkswagen Group CEO, Matthias Müller. “Digitization and electromobility are presenting a attention with substantial challenges, though above all, they offer good opportunities. As partial of a Volkswagen Group, ŠKODA has all a prerequisites to cope with change, in terms of their customers, employees and prolongation locations. This will engage not usually redefining a car, though also a association to a vast extent. And we will be doing that together.”

Since then, a extensive concurrent investment programme has fuelled a ŠKODA brand’s energetic development. Between 1991 and Mar 2016, some-more than 300 billion crowns (around € 11 billion) was invested in new models, investigate and development, and in expanding prolongation capacities. With approximately 28,500 employees today, ŠKODA is one of a largest and many appealing employers in a Czech Republic. The prolongation network, including ŠKODA’s 3 Czech sites in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí, has grown in ability interjection to Volkswagen Group affiliations in China, India, Russia and Slovakia, in serve to a public plants in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

“With this 25th anniversary, ŠKODA and a Volkswagen Group have reached a new miracle along their corner path,” says Jaroslav Povšík, conduct of a kinship OS KOVO MB adding: “We can be really unapproachable of a employees’ performance. Without them, a considerable success story of a past 25 years would have been unthinkable. It has once again been shown that a Community Decision indication that Volkswagen has successfully implemented ensures both compensation and records.”

The heart of a globally successful code still beats in Mladá Boleslav – one of a birthplaces of a European automotive industry. The company’s categorical plant and domicile have been located in a Bohemian city for a company’s whole 121-year history. The carmaker’s pioneers embody Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, who – tender by motorized mobility on dual and 4 wheels – laid a substructure for today’s vehicle association in 1895. Incidentally, they were contemporaries of Ferdinand Porsche, whose birthplace, Vratislavice, is situated nearby Mladá Boleslav.

ŠKODA is now one of a elemental pillars of a Czech economy: In 2015 a manufacturer contributed around 4.5% of a Czech sum domestic product, accounting for around 8% of Czech exports. The code consistently sets new sales records: In 2015 deliveries increasing by 1.8% to 1,055,500 vehicles (2014: 1,037,200). Revenue increasing by 6.2% to a new record of € 12.5 billion (2014: € 11.8 billion), and handling distinction grew by 12.0% to € 915 million (2014: € 817 million). By a finish of Mar 2016, ŠKODA’s tellurian sales had climbed by 4.3% to 276,600 vehicles, thereby reaching a new record for a initial 3 months of a year.

The arriving SUV debate will expostulate expansion further. The ŠKODA VisionS uncover vehicle gave during a Geneva Motor Show an discernment into ŠKODA’s new pattern denunciation in this globally moneyed segment. The analogous series-produced indication will be celebrating a universe premiere during a Paris Motor Show in September.