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Successful start to a New Year: ŠKODA grows 7.5% in January

ŠKODA stays on a trail of expansion in 2015. In January, a Czech carmaker’s tellurian sales augmenting 7.5 % to 87,000 vehicles (January 2014: 80,900). This was a best Jan ever in a company’s history. The latest ŠKODA Fabia, that was launched during a finish of 2014, has had an implausible initial few weeks: Sales of a new tiny automobile augmenting 55.2% in Western Europe, and 50% in Central Europe. ŠKODA’s indication debate will be stability over a subsequent few months – with, among other things, a universe premiere of a new ŠKODA Superb on 17 Feb in Prague.

ŠKODA has done a seamless transition from a successes of 2014. Last year, a manufacturer sole 1.04 million cars – a initial time in a calendar year that a code had sole some-more than 1 million vehicles. “ŠKODA has done a earnest start to a year,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “We are in an glorious position with a stream indication operation and a arriving highlights.” ŠKODA is intensively posterior their indication debate in 2015. In usually a few brief days – on 17 Feb – a new ŠKODA Superb will be celebrating a universe premiere in Prague. The Superb is set to be launched this year in June.

In Western Europe ŠKODA delivered 29.800 vehicles to business in Jan (January 2014: 30,100). The code available continued expansion in Germany, ŠKODA’s second strongest marketplace in a world, with sales augmenting 5.7% to 10,100 vehicles (January 2014: 9500). ŠKODA so confirms their position as a strongest import code on a German market. In a UK, ŠKODA managed 5100 deliveries (January 2014: 5400). The code available poignant growth, however, in Ireland (1800 vehicles, adult 11.2%), Spain (1600 vehicles; adult 39.3%), Finland (1300 vehicles; adult 9.6%) and Sweden (900 vehicles; adult 19%).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA’s sales rose um 6.1% to 7300 vehicles in Jan (January 2014: 6900). In Russia, notwithstanding a enormously severe marketplace environment, ŠKODA achieved a sales boost of 8%, delivering 5100 vehicles to business (January 2014: 4700). ŠKODA available double-digit expansion in Rumania (500 vehicles; adult 40.6%), Serbia (400 vehicles; adult 64.2%), Bulgaria (200 vehicles; adult 105.7%), Bosnia (100 vehicles; adult 6.2%) and a Baltic States (600 vehicles; adult 97.4%).

ŠKODA also achieved serve expansion in Central Europe in January, where a brand’s sales augmenting 19.6% to 13,400 (January 2014: 11,200). ŠKODA’s marketplace share grew to 21.4% opposite a region. In their Czech home market, a make available sales increases of 34.1% to 6300 units (January 2014: 4700). ŠKODA also available double-digit expansion in Hungary (800 vehicles; adult 67%) and Croatia (200 vehicles; adult 37%). In Poland, ŠKODA sole 4400 vehicles, representing an boost of 3.6% over Jan 2014.

In China, a brand’s strongest marketplace worldwide, ŠKODA is good on a trail of growth. Deliveries to business in Jan were adult 4.7% on final year, with a code offered 28.800 vehicles (January 2014: 27,500). ŠKODA also achieved high rates of expansion in Israel (2300 vehicles; adult 89.2 %), Egypt (1400 vehicles; adult 355 %) and in Turkey (1.000 vehicles; adult 123.1 %). In India, ŠKODA sole 1400 vehicles in Jan (January 2014: 1600).

ŠKODA’s deliveries to business in Jan 2015 (in units, dull off, by model; +/- in percent compared to Jan 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia (39,600; +15.2 %)

ŠKODA Rapid (18,800; +19.2 %)

ŠKODA Fabia (11,500; -10.4 %)

ŠKODA Yeti (6800; +27.1 %)

ŠKODA Superb (6100; -17.6 %)

ŠKODA Roomster (1800; -21.6 %)

ŠKODA Citigo (only sole in Europe: 2400; -16.9 %)